Mental Health Awareness Tattoo – The Power of the Semicolon

A semicolon is a punctuation mark to emphasize a sentence’s pause. It is also a symbol of mental health awareness. It became a trend when Amy Bleuel started Project Semicolon in 2013. The group promotes mental health and suicide awareness by encouraging people to draw or tattoo semicolons on their wrists.

It’s a symbol of hope

Despite its humble beginnings as a simple punctuation mark, the semicolon has become a powerful symbol of hope for those who suffer from depression, suicide, addiction, and other mental health issues. As semicolon tattoos have become a popular trend, people have added more meaning to their designs by adding artwork, quotes, or other imagery representing their unique stories. Some even add a number for a mental health charity hotline or lifeline. One way to personalize a semicolon tattoo is by combining it with other symbols of freedom, such as birds. In many cultures, birds symbolize total freedom and a sense of rebirth or resurrection.

It’s a symbol of solidarity

The semicolon symbolizes solidarity against mental health, addiction, and suicide. It’s a sign of strength and courage in the face of tough times, whether you’ve been through it yourself or someone you know has. In writing, a semicolon separates two parts of a sentence that could stand alone; it indicates a pause before the punishment continues. It also symbolizes a decision to move forward, not to stop. Similarly, a semicolon tattoo represents a person’s journey through depression or anxiety. Their story could have ended there; instead, they chose to press pause to deal with their mental health problems and continue. People who struggle with mental illness often decide to get the semicolon tattoo on their wrists. It’s subtle enough to be discreet, but it can be a powerful reminder that they have overcome their struggles.

It’s a symbol of strength

The semicolon is a powerful symbol of strength. It’s a reminder that even when life seems dark, you can still choose to continue living. Survivors of suicide and mental illness often find strength in the semicolon. They use it as a symbol to start conversations about once-taboo topics like depression and suicide. They also express their support for people who are struggling with these issues. Getting a semicolon tattoo is a powerful way to erase stigmas surrounding suicide and mental illness. It’s also a beautiful way to show support for those suffering from these problems. These tattoos can be subtle or elaborate depending on the wearer’s wishes and preferences.

It’s a symbol of love

In punctuation, the semicolon represents a decision to continue rather than ending a sentence. This is particularly powerful for those battling mental health issues, such as depression or suicidal thoughts. It’s a reminder that we can choose to be strong, even when things feel hopeless or overwhelming. This trend began when people affected by suicide or were struggling with mental health began tattooing this simple symbol on their bodies. They then shared photos of their tattoos to raise awareness and start conversations about mental illness.