Living a Pain-Free Live with Regenerative Medicine

Chronic pain can compromise your quality of life and prevent you from fulfilling your daily responsibilities. Thankfully, Raritan anti-aging & regenerative medicine is available to help manage your pain without undergoing surgery. Your treatment options include stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and prolotherapy. With regenerative medicine, you don’t have to depend on pain medications anymore. It can also restore the health of your muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments, and tendons without needing a replacement procedure. 

Stem Cell Therapy

This works by harvesting stem cells from your body, particularly through your fat or bone marrow. Also, the cells are concentrated with the use of special equipment. Stem cells are known for regenerating various kinds of tissue. also, 

PRP Therapy

This procedure involves a doctor withdrawing your blood and processing it in a centrifuge. The platelets are concentrated and used for healing a degenerated structure in your body. Once obtained from the sample, the PRP is injected into the location of the diseased or degenerated tissue. As you get older, your body degenerates because of sufficient blood flow to certain areas. PRP delivers blood to these areas and offers the right solution to enable healing. 

While pain relief can relieve pain and decrease inflammation, it can take months to produce the desired effects. But PRP treatment can effectively treat acute and chronic pain due to injuries, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. 


This non-surgical procedure is performed to repair injured or painful joints, ligaments, nerves, tendons, and muscles. An injury or damage to these tissues can reduce blood flow and cause them to degenerate. Usually, joint pain results from torn or stretched connective tissues that lead to an unstable joint. Prolotherapy is focused on repairing weakened tissues. Your doctor will inject substances that dehydrate tissues, minimizing swelling and telling the brain about the ongoing dehydration. As the brain responds, blood flow to the hydrated area is increased. Blood flow is essential, so damaged or injured tissues heal correctly. 

Prolotherapy injections trigger the body to naturally heal itself and produce new collagen to repair and restore the strength of the damaged connective tissue. When the ligament or tendon is repaired, the joints will gain stability and the pain subsides. Optimal results from this treatment can be felt after several weeks. Also, a patient may require several treatments to completely relieve their joint pain.  But this procedure is quite safe and may cause only minimal discomfort.