Learning How to Catch Fish So Your Family Can Survive in the Face of Unexpected Adversity

According to a fairly recent report, at least 15 percent of the world’s population believes that life as mankind has come to know it will come to an end within the next few decades. Of course, that report is a couple of years old. It was released before the pandemic took hold and recent political controversies began to take shape.

Because of that, the actual figures could be much higher at this point. After all, if a single virus brought humanity to its knees in so many ways, it’s obvious that very few people are truly ready for widespread changes in the way the world currently operates. With that in mind, many people are gearing up for what’s to come.

Taking Care of Your Family in a Survival Situation

If you want to be prepared for a survival situation, now is the time to start making arrangements. Buy as much bottled water as you can or learn how to collect and sanitize your own supply. Purchase a stockpile of medical supplies, peanut butter, and dehydrated and freeze-dried foods so you’ll have them on hand if the need arises. Yes, some people will laugh at you. They may call you crazy or paranoid. They’ll be the first ones knocking on your door when society comes crashing down, though.

No matter how much preserved food you have stored, though, you’ll need to find other ways of surviving when supplies start to run low. The time will come when your family needs some fresh, unadulterated protein. If you know how to catch fish without a shopping cart and debit card or sonar-driven fish finder, you’ll be in a good position to survive uncertain times.

Catching Fish, the Manual Way

You’ll find there are several ways to catch fish manually. Basket traps are tried-and-true tools for doing so. These devices are essentially funnel-shaped baskets. Fish can easily swim into them, but they can’t get out quite so readily. You can purchase basket traps to be prepared in advance or make them yourself using pliable sticks, vines, reeds, and other natural resources that can be woven together to form a sturdy basket.

Spearfishing is also an alternative. Long before fishing rods and hooks came into play, mankind practiced the art of spearfishing. Sharpen rocks and attach them to long sticks or make your own spears out of arrows you might already have on hand. Of course, you can go ahead and buy some spears at a local sporting goods store if they have them in stock. When using this technique, be sure to aim slightly below the fish. It won’t be easy at first, but practice makes perfect.

Being Ready When Push Comes to Shove

Those are only a couple of the ways you can catch fish in a survival scenario. No matter how you snag those aquatic sources of protein, they’ll help keep your family alive when food isn’t readily available. When you learn to take care of yourself in the face of unexpected circumstances, you give yourself the power to survive even if the world as you know it ceases to exist.