It’s never too late to make a haircare resolution    

So many New Year’s resolutions focus on the need to get fit and be healthier. Those are certainly excellent goals to have and things that we should focus on year-round, as well as during the first few days or weeks of the year. However, the wellbeing of your body is not the only resolution you can make when it comes to looking after yourself.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some New Year hair resolutions that you can make in order to reap the benefits throughout the course of 2022. You certainly won’t be alone in doing so. According to a new survey from All Things Hair, 28.67% of people want to give their hair a health kick and 13.67% want to reinvent their whole look, while just 11% want to embrace their hair as it is.

Focusing on your hair’s wellbeing

Why not get 2022 off to the best possible start for your hair by implementing a new haircare regime? Your hair needs regular attention and regular nourishment in order to keep it looking its best. That means regular trims, either in the salon or at home if you’re confident cutting it yourself and have a decent pair of hairdressing scissors. Never cut your hair with anything other than hairdressing scissors, as doing so can damage the strands due to the blades being too dull.

The other thing you can do at home to keep your hair in good condition is a trim any split ends off regularly. You can do this using a process called hair dusting, where you work through the hair, cutting out any split ends – again, only using proper hairdressing scissors.

Keeping your hair in good condition by trimming it regularly can improve the overall look and feel of it and can even help it to grow faster. But regular trims are far from the only way to keep your hair in the best possible condition – the products you use can make a big difference to how healthy your hair is.

Resolve to find the right products for your hair

You need a shampoo and conditioner that are suited to your particular hair type. Products such as heat protector spray can also work wonders when it comes to protecting the condition of your hair. It’s worth experimenting until you find the perfect combination of products to keep your hair feeling soft and nourished.

Applying a weekly hair mask or oil treatment can also reap big rewards. Such treatments can help replace lost moisture – something that is particularly important during the winter months, when your hair is more prone to becoming dry, brittle and likely to break, due to the colder weather. Why not make your hair mask part of a weekly pampering session and seek to enhance your overall wellbeing?

Are you ready for a new look in 2022?

The whole “New Year, new you” concept tends to focus on physical wellbeing and appearance. However, New Year is also the perfect time to think about a new style. That could mean a change of wardrobe or a brand-new look for your hair.

The wealth of hair colors and ways to apply them on the market these days is staggering. We are a long way from the days when your choices were simply a complete change of color or else highlights or low lights! If you haven’t tried ombré or another balayage technique yet, why not resolve to do so this year?

If you’re already happy with your hair color, that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. You can relax, straighten and curl your hair to your heart’s extent these days. You can opt for a permanent treatment or a semipermanent procedure such as a keratin treatment, which lasts for around three months.

If your New Year hair resolution is to go for a new style, there are plenty of apps where you can upload a photo and try out different hairstyles to see how they look before you commit to one. Your hairdresser will also be able to give you advice on the styles that will suit the shape of your face/body and your coloring.

Bear in mind that any dramatic change of hairstyle may impact the clothes that will look best on you as well. This is particularly relevant if you are changing the color of your hair, as it may no longer suit your wardrobe!

Resolve to do some good

After the excesses of the Christmas season, New Year is a perfect time to think about helping others, as well as improving ourselves. There are many charities that need human hair to make wigs for children and adults undergoing medical treatments that result in them losing their own hair. 

If you have long hair and are planning a shorter style, it’s worth researching these charities to find one that will be grateful for the donation of the hair you’re cutting off. Your salon may already work with such a charity and be happy to help with the process.

If you have short hair but like the idea of donating hair in this way, why not use 2022 to start growing your hair long in order to give it to charity in the future? Depending on how short your hair is to start with, the process may well take more than a year but by following the guidelines above regarding keeping your hair healthy, you can help to grow your tresses as quickly as possible. Why not take weekly/monthly pics of your progress to keep you motivated as you grow it?

Healthy hair, all year round

Of course, all of the above advice and ideas can apply at any time of the year. If you’re in need of a new look, want to donate your hair to charity or simply want to improve the health of your hair, you can resolve to do so at any time. You could also resolve to learn a new hair-related skill during 2022 – anything from learning to French plait your hair to coloring or cutting it at home. Whatever you decide, be sure to have fun with the process and enjoy the wellbeing benefits that haircare resolutions can provide.