Importance of As-Built Drafting

As-Built drafting is a crucial process of an engineering process, and it can be of multiple types, such as mechanical As-Builtselectrical as-builts, etc. As-Built drawings are produced by designers after the completion of an engineering project; they include all the necessary information and changes that have been made to the original drawings. These drawings usually boast modifications, design changes, field changes, and all the other changes that were made during the construction of a building.



As built plan drawings include information about all the changes that have been made so far, which makes it one of the most important processes involved in construction? These drawings can even be more useful to someone who deals with a finished project because they provide a legacy and help to understand the entire structure of a building. The person can use these drawings to understand how the building was made initially and what changes have been done in it so far.

As-Built drafting offers several benefits, such as it provides us with information, such as the exact locations and sizes of various installed components in house, terminal unit location, pipe, and duct routing, control system sensor locations, concealed elements, and more. Therefore, these drawings are crucial to ensure that future renovation projects take place more efficiently. Additionally, these drawings can be used as a reference to find important equipment lists in case of any emergency.

Types of Drafting Services

Plan Drawings

One of the most common types of As-Built drafts that the construction industry uses is plan drawing. It includes detailed maps of the project and offers an aerial view. Apart from rooms and walls, you can use a plan drawing to see other elements of the building design, such as stairs, windows, furniture, fixtures, and appliances. 

Section Drawings

Section drawings are pretty similar to plan drawings, but a section drawing shows details of elements from the side instead of showing an aerial view of them.

Exterior Drawings

As it sounds, an exterior design is made to show the exterior design of a building.

Mechanical As-Built Drawings

Mechanical drawings contain information about ventilation, heating, transportation around the building like lifts and escalators, air conditioning, etc. A contractor can use a mechanical drawing to analyze the complex systems as it includes detailed information about mechanical units.

Architectural Drafting

Architectural drafting includes the development of blueprints, schematics, drawings, and other designing plans.

Bottom Line

Well, there are several other kinds of drafting services. Different drawings are created and used for different purposes, and they are very crucial. Designers always prepare As Built Drafting Services before, during, and after constructing a building. Some drawings are created at the start of the project, while other drawings are prepared when any changes are made.

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