Oaxaca, pronounced wah-haak-kah, is a city loaded with vibrant colonial streets, architecturally beautiful churches, as well as common squares. Also, those are just a couple of the reasons why it has landed itself on the UNESCO global heritage checklist.

This city is popular for its food scene, providing several recipes that are unique to the Oaxaca region. One recipe you can’t leave Oaxaca without attempting is Mole. It’s a stew-like dish made with Mexican chilies, seasonings, as well as the secret active ingredient, chocolate. For the drinks, make certain to attempt the prominent Mezcal. A strong upgrade from Tequila, as well as perfect to clean down your Mole!

One more thing Oaxaca is renowned for is its embroidery and textile crafts, which are happily displayed in the Textile Museum. Or you can even try your hand and sign up with a local workshop to find out about their strategies.

Past Oaxaca, there’s plenty to do. You can go to the historical damages of Monte Alban, swim at Hierve el Agua falls, or appreciate the outstanding Tule tree.



The most prominent methods to cover the 462km, or 287 miles, from Mexico City to Oaxaca are a 1-hour flight or a 7-hour bus trip. Bus tickets in Mexico cost around 476 MXN, or $ 24, as well as return tickets, begin with 740 MXN, or $ 35.

Buses are the most cost-effective option, as well as if you choose to depart at night, you can obtain some rest while saving on lodging as well. There are numerous separations during the day as well as evening, making the bus quickly fit most travel schedules.

If you’re limited in a timely manner, then flying takes simply 1 hour. A great suggestion when it concerns booking flights in Mexico is to attempt and book early. That way you could be lucky and find a trip that’s less expensive than the bus.