How to Design an Escape Room for Adults

Escape rooms have become one of the most popular ways for groups, young and old, to spend some quality time together and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Most escape rooms are geared toward a younger audience with problems and puzzles that fully challenge adults. Tagging along as a sponsor with a group of young people to one of these can be fun, but you likely won’t find yourself mentally or physically challenged for the entire time.

Designing an escape room for adults and building a DIY escape room can be the best solution to the problem, and there are several different ways to do this.

Create Your Own

The most straightforward way to create a DIY escape room is to do everything yourself, from the plan and story to each puzzle and game your participants will complete. You’ll need to create a theme, develop games and puzzles, and then find a place that will work for each aspect of the room.

There are plenty of places to find new puzzles and props for your escape room for adults but collecting all those pieces yourself takes a lot of time. If you’re trying to put together not just the room but other aspects for your guests or friends, this can take a lot of time and effort.

Escape Room Kit

If you’re not ready to commit all that time to finding props, developing puzzles, and creating your own DIY escape room, a simple solution is to invest in an escape room kit.

There are dozens of brands available where you can get a themed box that suits your audience’s age and interests. This escape room kit combines the dynamic energy of a party game with the expert-level knowledge of a board game to create something exciting for your next get-together.

Choose from a wide range of themes and designs that challenge even the most elderly and expert friends within your group. An escape room kit has all the props, clues, and puzzles set out for you, so all you need is the room and a team to test it out. Rather than try to put everything together on your own, an escape room kit gives you all the fun without the hassle.

Escape rooms can be a lot of fun for anyone, both young and old. Most traditional escape rooms are designed to appeal to a younger crowd with puzzles and storylines that might not challenge adults or be as exciting as they might want.

Creating a DIY escape room comes in two forms; do it all yourself or invest in an escape room kit.

Developing and implementing an escape room on your own allows you the most creative freedom possible but creating the details on your own can be time-consuming. An escape room kit like those from Lock Paper Scissors gives you all the details in a simple to incorporate kit that caters to adults.

Your next party is sure to be a blast when you bring in an escape room designed for adults!