How to Choose a Boat for a Wedding in Barcelona

Boat for a Wedding in Barcelona

If you are interested in renting a boat for your wedding celebration, you should contact a charter agency and ask about the possibility of organizing a wedding on a boat. First, you need to define your priorities and requirements for service, exterior design, boat capacity, and then choose the boat that suits you best. If you intend to choose the vessel independently, it is essential to take into account some details related to celebrating a wedding “on the water”.

Important selection parameters

It’s important to consider how many people the boat can accommodate. When choosing a vessel for your celebration, you need to determine the number of guests invited to the celebration in advance. There is a good assortment of charter boats on the market. Each has its own features and capacity. There are small-sized vessels that can accommodate 10 – 15 people, medium-sized vessels with a capacity for 30 – 60 people, and boats capable of accommodating 100 guests.

Once you find out the boat’s capacity for a water wedding, also make sure to clarify what exactly is meant by capacity: it can be seats at restaurant tables, the ability to accommodate a certain number of people in the boat’s hall, or places on the deck for a sea walk.

In promotional brochures, you can always find information about the yacht’s capacity, but these data will not take into account the format of the celebration. When choosing a boat for a wedding, you should rely on the banquet type of capacity, and if the number of guests does not exceed 30-40 people, the best option would be a vessel capable of providing banquet capacity for 50 people. Why should it be so? As you know, a wedding celebration always implies the presence of some free space for entertainment and dancing, competitions and various kinds of fun tricks. Your guests will be more comfortable if they are not sitting tightly and can freely dance.

If the boat has two decks, this will be a clear advantage, as there you can organize a small buffet or invite a group of musicians, under appropriate weather conditions. It is also important to discuss the cost of the entire event and the payment for boat rental. A significant part of budget expenses are the costs for the banquet and additional services. The cost of renting a boat is the least expensive component of the wedding, but it needs planning. The rental cost indicated in the brochures usually has the form of “from and to” borders and implies the minimum payment for those days when there are not enough clients to rent a yacht, usually this period begins on Monday and ends on Wednesday. The rental cost for other days of the week will be much higher.

Once you determine the date on which the wedding will be scheduled, you will need to clarify what the rental cost will be on this day. An elevated rate may be used on a weekend. You should discuss this detail in advance with your manager.

You will also need to visit the vessel to take a look at it and assess whether it is suitable for the celebration. Once you have identified the boat and created a boat rental application, you need to get to know the vessel more closely by personally inspecting it. If the wedding will be held in the spring, and the navigation season is still closed, you should still be shown the boat, as they are mostly on watch throughout the year. Arriving at the location where the ship is located, you will be able to examine the interior finish, find out if there really is a second deck on the ship, you can also see the condition of the ship, what opportunities it can provide for the celebration, and so on.

Next, you will need to rent a boat in Barcelona. It’s best to book about two or two and a half months in advance so you don’t have to worry about anything later. This approach will allow you to see the ships that the charter company offers, and you can choose the boat you like.

You will also need to visit the vessel on the day of the planned celebration. And we are not talking about your party, but about someone else’s party, which will allow you to assess the advisability of ordering a ship. Also, such a visit will help to see the level of service, how polite the crew members and service staff are. If there are any questions or doubts, all this should be clarified with the yacht company’s manager to ensure the celebration goes smoothly.