How to Be a Sensible & Ethical Car Driver 

For drivers who have spent many years traveling up and down the country and feel they know all there is to know about professional driving, there may still be much to learn when it comes to becoming a more ethical driver.

So here, for your information and as a way of improving general standards and indeed safety levels of our roads, is a guide on how to become how to be a sensible and ethical car driver. 

Never Deliberately Drive During Rush Hours

Whether you live in a large city, or even a small town, chances are around eight – nine in the morning and five – six o’clock at night, the roads in and around your local area will be clogged and busy

Rush hours are simply not the time to choose to take a journey in your car that is not time-specific and furthermore, if you do require the use of your car during these busy times, you should ensure to remain calm and level-headed, even if you are stuck in traffic for a long time. 

Never Miss Your Eye Check-Up Tests

It may well be the case that you are lucky enough to not need to wear glasses (either for reading or for driving) and you have never experienced any issues with your eyesight, but when it comes to driving, you need to make sure that this is indeed still the case.

Your insurance is unlikely to be favorable to you if you get into an accident and you are supposed to be wearing glasses, let alone if you have failed to book yourself in for an eyesight test even though you know you should. 

It would, therefore, be highly unethical for you to disregard appointments just because your schedule is too busy or that you do not feel you need them. 

Never Drive When You are Tired

Even if you are only slightly tired, your reaction times will be slower whether you believe it or not, and so driving when you are tired and yawning regularly is a really bad idea. Not only could you cause yourself an injury, but even worse, you could cause an accident where an innocent stranger loses their life. 

Also always bear in mind that, even if you have wisely chosen to take out auto insurance with a well-known and reputable provider, no insurance policy would ever pay out if the reason why you are in an accident which you caused because you have not had enough sleep. 

Never Drink & Drive

Even though (depending entirely on the state in which you currently reside) it may well be legal in your area to have a couple of units of alcohol and still be allowed to be in control of a vehicle, you should never do so. Driving with even a small amount of alcohol in your system can impair your judgment and slow your reflexes – it’s simply not worth it when there are plenty of tasty non-alcoholic drinks available.