How Our Business Benefited From Sage 300 Software

I started as a freelance digital marketer when I left my company. But when my clients increased in number, I started to look for a buddy who could help me with the task. From one co-worker, I now have a team of 50 digital marketers. From freelancing, I am now a CEO of a digital marketing agency. Handling a growing business is difficult, but thanks to Sage 300 software, I am now able to get by with business challenges.

Our Business Challenges

Your business is not growing if it does not encounter any challenges. It is what motivated me when my agency was experiencing rough roads. Among the problems we encountered were internal audit controls. We also had issues with inventory records and purchase requisitions, and automated purchase order processing.

But thanks to Sage 300 software, our ERP solutions in Singapore, we were able to sort these issues and organise the processes in the company.

ERP solutions in Singapore

Sage 300 software was one of our first choices for enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Sage 300 software is a business and accounting application for small to medium enterprises. It helps the organisation to manage finance and accounting, operations, inventory, and distribution processes within the company.

But what made me choose Sage 300 software is its tools. It is an all-in-one application. It has tools for finance, inventory, sales order management, and credit and debit card transaction processing.

How did Sage 300 software help us overcome our business challenges?

Let me start with our first problem, internal audit controls. One of the financial tools of Sage 300 software was the audit logger. It is an auditing tool that records all users’ actions and data modifications.

The tool records all transactions within the company, including the deletion of data and presents it in a report. The report can be analysed and investigated for suspicions of fraud.

Our next problem was inventory records. Another inventory management tool Sage 300 software has is inventory control. This tool helps set up records of the supplies, including the quantity, and location. The inventory record also shows the usage of items. Since it has a tracking system, it can detect whether our supplies have been removed or stolen.

Our next issue was purchase requisitions, and Sage 300 software solved it. The tool keeps records of the transactions and stores receipts, invoices, and returns. Moreover, it also shows purchase history and statistics.

Is it worth it?

For a small agency like us, I can testify that it is worth it, especially since we have a PSG pre approved vendor with us, Acsolv. The software helped us overcome our business challenges.

Also, Acsolv is very helpful in our journey with Sage 300 software. They taught us the things we need to learn and informed us how to utilise the software to maximise the benefit we get. I highly recommend investing in Sage 300 software.

Acsolv Consult

If you are looking for a PSG pre approved vendor for Sage 300 software, I highly suggest Acsolv. Visit Acsolv today.