How I Bought Home Furniture Online in Singapore


I just rented a new apartment unit when I relocated for my work. It was also my first time living alone, so I had the authority to design my team the way I wanted. When I lived with my parents, I had no choice but to agree with their decisions. They were traditional; as you would expect, our home looked like a typical Asian household. However, as for my taste, I want something aesthetic. I want to achieve a minimalist look with certain kinds of home furniture from Singapore.

Fortunately, the building administration allowed me to pick my own set of furniture styles. And for this reason, I browsed for more furniture online before adding them to the cart. Since it was my first time buying furniture for my unit, I followed some tips to find the best choice for my home.

How I Bought Home Furniture Online in Singapore

When I settled into my new apartment, I first noticed how empty it felt without the furniture. There was no sofa bed in Singapore where I could lie down and watch television. Imagine how empty it looked; my voice echoed from one room to another. With this, I decided to buy home furniture online by using the tips below.

1. Checked the Website

Of course, before buying from a website, I inspected the web design, contents, and review sections. It gave me the idea that the business was legit and not a scam.

As you can see, online scams are prevalent because people can easily believe what they see on the internet. Unlike me, I was meticulous in checking the website to know it was legit and ensure that I could buy a high-quality coffee table in Singapore

2. Visited Their Social Media Accounts

Another way to check their validity was to visit their social media accounts. Most of the time, online businesses also have Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to have more online interaction. I checked their social media to see pictures, videos, and customer reviews. In doing so, I wondered whether they were a reliable store and bought office chairs in Singapore online

3. Measured the Width, Length, and Height 

Since I only browsed furniture online, I also measured the width, length, and height before adding them to the cart. In doing so, I would know if they would fit my room at home. I chatted with the seller and asked for measurements to see if it was the right size. Furthermore, I also used a measuring tape to know the specific size for my coffee table in Singapore.

4. Took Advantage of the Offers and Discounts

I also took advantage of the offers and discounts when browsing the website to lessen the total price. I was lucky enough to buy it during the promo season because it was the store’s anniversary. I even got a discount of 5 to 10% from the original price. It helped me budget my finances when buying a bed frame storage in Singapore

5. Chose a Specific Style

When looking for home furniture online, I only chose a specific style appropriate for the minimalist style. Since my apartment was small, I also bought some furniture to fit my room. I also looked for bright-coloured furniture as I liked a vibrant home.

Achieving the interior design I want is possible with Mega Furniture. Visit their website to buy your home furniture today!