How Good Customer Service Improves Brand Image of Your Business

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There is a vast difference between what you believe your brand represents and what the customer understands from all the social media promotions, newspaper ads, and many other platforms that you provided. You have to improve your brand image to gain more new customers and for that a quality customer service is important.

Here are few points to prove how good customer service improves brand image of your business

Customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition:

When you provide quality service to your customers, that will make your customers satisfied and they will return to your shop again and again. If a customer returns to your company then they are likely to spend 67% more with your brand and this will help you to reduce your operating cost.

For example- if there is an increase in customer retention with 5% then you will have a profit increase of 25%.

It requires more cost to acquire new customers than to provide good customer service. You can decrease your churn rate by investing some amount in your customer service.

Customer service represents your brand image, mission, and values:

Customer service can be very effective for your brand image. The customer representatives directly connect with your customers and provide them all the necessary assistance they need. It is the job of the representative to represent the company’s brand while interacting with old and new customers. Research says, 73% of customers stay loyal to any business because of their friendly customer service. The customer representatives can help in influencing the customers and can also attract them towards your business.

Happy employees will create happy customers:

“Here is a powerful yet simple rule: always give people more than they expect to get.”-said, Nelson Boswell author of Successful Living Day by Day: For everyone who wants to achieve inner peace, success, and loving relationships.

If you provide better appreciation to your employees that will encourage them to provide better assistance. If the employees feel that their work has been valued from time to time then they can help your business to gain more new customers. It is seen if the employees are happy with their jobs then it will influence them to work hard for the company’s goal.

When the employees maintain their professionalism and integrity, it will attract more new customers.

Happy customers will refer others:

When the customers are happy with the services and assistance they get, they are more likely to refer their friends, family, and others to join your business. And that will help your business increase revenue and profit.

It will also form a positive reputation for your company in the market that will attract more customers, investors, and others to join your business. If the customer is satisfied with your company then there is a 77% chance that they will share this positive brand experience with others and you will get more loyal customers under your company.

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