How Does A Freelance Visa In Dubai Help?

Residents who move to Dubai are free to work in the emirates, as a freelancer or otherwise, with a valid visa. Freelancers can now operate in Dubai in a much cheaper and easier way. Freelance visa in Dubai has opened their gates to many youngsters who want to establish themselves in the emirate. 

Life is changing much faster in this modern world. Working as a freelancer is more popular these days because of the flexible working hours, remote location, and independence. Workers can choose to have a temporary association too.  There are overall several million freelancers working on different platforms. 

Given the prospects and popularity of Dubai, as a country that offers excellent opportunities for young, active, and ambitious foreigners, a freelancer visa is all you need. 

Working As A Freelancer In Dubai

Dubai is the world’s leader in business income and wages. As a result, more and more people want to move here. However, Dubai’s migration policy we such that foreigners cannot claim the country’s citizenship, but they are free to work here with a residence permit and visa. Needless to say, the rights of a resident are the same as a citizen.

Noted below are the 6 different ways of getting Dubai residency:

  • Get employment
  • Study or educational purposes
  • Become a freelancer in the county
  • Invest
  • Obtain a resident permit for other members of the family
  • Buy a property

So, what does a freelance visa in Dubai mean?

Obtain Dubai Freelance Visa 

To get a Dubai freelance visa, a candidate should be registered as a freelancer in any of the free zones of the country. Therefore, it is pertinent to obtain a license to become a freelancer in Dubai.

  • Getting Freelancer License: Most of the free zones offer freelance licenses without any hassle. However, you have to apply for it. Select any suitable activity, collect important documents, and pay fees. You would get a license that is valid for one year. Renew the freelancer license before validity expires. The procedure is the same as registering a business or company. Only the cost of a freelancer license is relatively low and no physical space is needed. Some free zones also offer Flexi-desk to freelancers rather than an office to run small businesses. As a result, you can have access to an office and even utilize its services like mail, conference room, administrator, etc. With this license, you can work legally in Dubai.
  • Obtaining Freelance Visa: Once you get a freelance license, you can apply for a freelance visa. But before that, submit all your relevant documents to the authorities for verification. Documents include:
  • A duly filled application form
  • CV
  • Recent photos
  • Passport copy with minimum 8 months validity
  • All education documents duly certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Consulate of the native country
  • Copy of freelancer license in Dubai

After you collect the documents and receive confirmation from a registering authority, pay the fee. Dubai allows freelancers to use a TECOM Group package, which you can avail of.