How Can You Choose the best Desk: we Answer You

A height-adjustable, two-tier desk is the focal point in the office or home office. This is where the music plays, as the saying goes. It is used for writing, drawing, typing and clicking. Sometimes sitting and sometimes standing. And at best, the table can be optimally integrated into my everyday work.

Height-Adjustable Table Frame

But maybe you want to build a DIY desk for yourself? Or you have a separate or old table top that you want to use for the new work table. Then it is also possible to buy an electrically height-adjustable table frame individually.

It should be noted, however, that this solution requires a little more manual skill. This is because the grid of holes in the table frame often has to be transferred to the table top yourself (especially with DIY solutions and when there are no pre-drilled holes). The holes can be pre-drilled there so that the frame and plate can be screwed together properly.

Desk Top

But it can also be worthwhile to purchase the table frame and desk top separately. Because that way you have more design options. The great thing: most table frames are variable in their width within a certain range – is specified in the manufacturer’s product features. The table top must be at least 120 cm wide. Of course, more space is always better.

Work Surface

The standard area of ​​an two-tier desk is 80 cm in depth and 160 cm in width. The minimum requirement here is a table width of 120 cm. The minimum depth is 80 cm at each point. For work tasks with changing activities as well as additional work equipment required, the work area must be larger (e.g. CAD workstations). The desk should always be tidy. Frequently used work equipment should be arranged in the central field of vision. This is the reason that you can choose the Two-tier Desk for the best utility.


Rigid tables must have a table height of 72 cm. Height-adjustable desks should be adjustable between 65 and 85 cm. Sit-stand desks should be adjustable between 65 and 125 cm.

A height-adjustable two-tier desk is operated with either an electric or an electro-hydraulic motor. So the height can be adjusted with the push of a button. So no additional force is required. With four table heights can be programmed and moved to at the touch of a button. This makes it suitable for workplaces that are shared by two people one table height for sitting or standing per person.

Cheap models can, however, also be adjusted in height using muscle power using a crank. On the one hand, this can be integrated into everyday work as a training effect. On the other hand, over time, the crank can also prevent you from using the height adjustment regularly. Here it makes sense to set and adhere to fixed times for working while sitting and standing.

Material and Surface

The table surface should be matt to silk matt. It is important to ensure that the two-tier desk has a degree of reflection between 0.2 and 0.5. Light, natural and pastel colors are recommended. All edges must be rounded (radius at least 2 mm). Edges that are too sharp pose a risk of injury. The hands and forearms in particular can irritate the skin or even pinch important vessels. Dark colors, especially black, should not be chosen as the table surface. These can cause annoying glare from the lighting in the workplace.