How can an ENT help me?

ENTs are also known as an otolaryngologist and some historians believe it is one of the oldest medical specializations in the United States of America. Any problems related to the ear, nose, and throat can be easily diagnosed and treated by an ENT specialist. They can treat patients of all ages suffering from problems ranging from hearing, tonsils, and sore throat to ear surgeries, cancer, and cosmetic surgeries. So if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in the body parts mentioned above you can consult an ENT like mani h zadeh, md. Read below to better understand when to see an ENT specialist:

Chronic throat or ear pain

Ear and throat infections are quite common. Ear infections occur when there is an infection in the air-filled space behind the eardrums. While a throat infection occurs due to a bacteria or virus attack in your throat or body. These problems may seem temporary but will repeat frequently and you can see an ENT for thorough treatment.

Sinus or nose congestion

The most discomforting type of problem they face after catching a cold or flu is nose congestion. It prevents them from sleeping, talking, or even sitting calmly. Sinus is when the air-filled spaces in the skull catch infection causing headache and regular nose blockage and these conditions can be addressed by an ENT.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is common in old age people, but if you are experiencing it at a young age or your child is suffering from hearing trouble, visit an ENT specialist. They will be able to diagnose and offer solutions for the problem.

Lump in your neck

Neck lumps usually occur when someone has blood, throat, or mouth cancer. It can also be a sign of thyroid but if it is prolonged for more than 2 weeks, it denotes cancer. Thus, visit an ENT specialist and they will be better able to identify what is the underlying problem and the treatment that can help you recover.

The first symptom that you suffer after catching any cold is nose congestion, throat pain and cough, and ear pain. These are the first body parts to be affected after any infection or weather change and even COVID-19 had severe effects on the nose, throat, and ear. These are the most prone parts of your body and are primarily affected. Thus, extra precaution and care are necessary. So consult an ENT specialist for relief, advice, and recommendations relating to your ear, nose, and throat.