How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Future of Digital Marketing

As a result of the great advancement in different Machine Learning techniques, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been playing an important role in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing. Many businesses and marketers have seen amazing results by simply incorporating AI in various strategies of their digital marketing. So, in recent years, this has led Artificial Intelligence to gain more popularity. Therefore, you can say that digital marketing and AI go-hand-in-hand. When you decide to generate an informed Artificial Intelligence marketing strategy to promote your business, it can even help you to overtake your rivals as well as achieve your goals faster.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI provides machines with the great ability to adequately analyze data and further perform cognitive work. It observes and also thinks like a human, taking relevant decisions, thus making the task of planning as well as execution simpler and quicker.

Though, many people may argue that this would be replacing humans, but instead Artificial Intelligence helps them to streamline the whole process. Once all needs are set and inputs are given, AI quickly automates the mundane process. This would ensure that humans don’t get burdened with any of the tedious work.

Here are the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

As mentioned earlier, Artificial Intelligence helps to increase overall efficiency through automation. This would leave people to have more time to focus on other work. Following are some other great benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing:

  • Increased ROI & productivity

The use of AI in digital marketing of reputed and experienced companies like First Page can help hugely to raise productivity as the processes are smartly automated on the basis of instructions given. Artificial Intelligence can even understand which content performs better and to curate content as well. This results that the content reaches the right audience, thus increasing the ROI.

When businesses which implemented AI in their various marketing strategies were surveyed, it was found that they had:

  • Increased revenue
  • Better closing rates
  • More engagement & traffic
  • More conversions
  • User experience is enhanced

To learn better, Artificial Intelligence makes use of the concept ML (Machine Learning). It is capable of properly studying their various patterns for showing content according to their choice or preferences, thus engaging the audience and keeping them interested as well. When people have a great user experience, they are more interested to buy the services and products.

These are a few examples of Artificial Intelligence user experience:

  • ‘People also buy” this is a section on most online e-commerce sites such as Amazon
  • ‘Suggestions’ Tab located on the right-hand side on YouTube
  • ‘People also ask’ present in a section in Goggle Search Results

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