Habits To Develop to Become a Better Driver

Being an excellent driver reduces the risks of accidents, lowers car insurance rates, and helps you avoid tickets. You can enroll in an online defensive driving course to learn tips for becoming an expert driver. Reviewing the rules of the road is a great way to solidify your driving skills. 

Focus on the Road 

Practice keeping your eyes on the road at all times when driving by identifying and avoiding all potential distractions.  One of the greatest distractions for most drivers is their phones. Keep your phone away and avoid picking up calls or texting when driving. In case of an urgent call, find a place to park and receive the call. 

Other distractions for drivers may include pets, kids, and other passengers. Always park your car before attending to anyone or anything that needs your attention. 

Keep a Gap Between You and Other Vehicles 

Tailgating may make other drivers nervous, increasing the chances of accidents. It can prevent you from seeing what’s ahead of you. 

Always maintain a distance between your car and those ahead of you. This can prevent accidents in case the vehicle in front of you abruptly stops. It can also allow you to see whatever is ahead, giving you enough room to react if there’s a curve in the road or unexpected heavy traffic. 

Use Your Mirrors

Before driving, always adjust your mirrors so they’re in the optimal position. You shouldn’t see the edge of your vehicle from the driver and passenger side mirrors if you adjust them appropriately. The rearview mirror should be in a position that allows you to see everything behind you. Only get on the road after checking the three mirrors

Keep an eye on your surroundings using the three mirrors when switching lanes. This is the only way to know when it’s safe to change lanes. You can turn your head for a second or two if you suspect there are blind spots you can’t see with your mirrors. You can do this after confirming there aren’t other cars in front of you. 

Anticipate Other Drivers’ Moves

You can’t control what other drivers on the road do, but you can manage your reaction. Try watching other drivers’ movements to predict their next moves. 

If the driver ahead of you keeps switching lanes or following other cars too closely, keep your distance. They might be aggressive drivers who won’t react well to having you too close to them. Other drivers to keep an eye on are those who slow down and speed up unexpectedly. They might be distracted, and driving too close to them can be dangerous. 

Be alert when on the road. Understanding how other drivers think and adjusting your driving will help protect you. 

Slow Down 

Driving too fast is never the answer, even when you’re running late. Speeding can easily cause an accident or get you a ticket. Drive slowly, especially on a wet road or during times of low visibility.

You don’t have to be too slow; if you interfere with the flow of traffic, you could get a citation. Understand your roads’ speed limits and stay within the recommended speeds to avoid legal trouble. 

Follow Road Safety Rules 

Road rules protect you and other road users since they reduce the chances of accidents. Before getting on the road, refresh your memory on all local traffic laws and abide by them. Pay attention to traffic rules right of way recommendations, and observe the turn signal even when there aren’t other road users.

Maintain Your Car 

Taking your car for regular maintenance checks and oil changes can keep it at optimal performance. Find a reliable auto shop to check your car to improve its value, reduce running costs, and promote your safety.

You also can learn how to handle basic tasks like changing tires and setting up flares. And, since you never know when you may need it, get a roadside assistance membership.

Enroll in an Online Defensive Driving Course 

An online defensive driving course can equip you with all the road skills and techniques you need to become an expert driver. Enroll in the course to learn how to drive safely and minimize the risks of accidents. Practice the habits discussed in this article to become a safe and intelligent driver.