Guide for Betting on the Next Season’s WNBA MVP

Betting on WNBA MVP

WNBA MVP betting can be highly entertaining and rewarding. The league is in its 25th season and keeps becoming more popular. It is possible to bet on who will be chosen Most Valuable Player before the season even begins. This is called a ‘futures’ bet as it is laying money down on an outcome far in advance. It can be very rewarding to pick an eventual winner before the odds start to shorten.

What is the MVP award?

The MVP award goes annually to the league’s top player. A panel of broadcasters and sports writers from across the U.S. choose the winner. Voting takes place after the regular season. The panelists have to make five top choices in order of preference. The players are given points based on their selections. For example, a first-choice player receives 10 points and a fifth-choice player receives one point.

Opening odds

Sportsbooks start to release their opening odds in a week or so that leads up to the regular season. They are typically adjusted on a weekly basis throughout the season to reflect any changes that happen with teams or players. It can be tricky to figure out the best time for online sports betting, especially when placing ‘futures’ bets. Generally speaking, the further in advance you make a WNBA MVP wager, the greater the payout if you choose correctly.

Fewer players to research

In 2021, Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand, which produces Air Jordan shoes, announced a partnership with 11 emerging WNBA players. It was huge for these women to have shoe deals with the Jordan brand and this reflected the growing interest in the WNBA.

At the same time, there are far fewer players to research when handicapping the WNBA. There are only 12 teams in the league with 12 players in each one.  It’s important to be aware that MVP odds can change quickly depending on player performance, injuries, etc.

Betting successfully on MVP

If you’re going to be a smart thinker, there is value to be found with WNBA MVP bets. One of the tips you need to follow to be successful is to convert odds to implied probability. It is crucial to research the teams and players ahead of time. In this way, you can find value early. Line shopping is always important, especially when placing futures bets. If you bet on multiple players, you must calculate your total risk versus your payout potential.