Goodbye Aunt: How The Christian Funeral Service Went

While everyone understands that the cycle of life and death never ends as long as something or someone is alive, I never expected it to happen to me so quickly. My aunt, my father’s elder sister, died of cancer. We all expected her to live like other cancer survivors, especially after receiving the best cancer treatment. Regrettably, she died four years ago. While we were still dealing with our grief, we had to hold a Christian funeral service in Singapore.

Dreaded Phone Call

After getting married, I got promoted, which made me busy at work. I barely have time to attend family gatherings, let alone chat with my siblings and cousins. When I closed a huge deal with a particular brand, I received a phone call from my parents (which rarely happens unless there is an emergency).

姑姑 died during surgery. Come to the hospital now and help your cousins to arrange a Christian funeral service’, said my Mother. I overheard my father sobbing aloud in the background while she was speaking. Since their parents passed away while they were young, my aunt has served as my father’s substitute parent.

Christian Funeral Rites

My father was sobbing when I got to the hospital, and he was shivering. When my first cousin and I first met, she immediately suggested, ‘We should look for the best funeral director in Singapore as we barely know anything about Christian funeral rites.’

My little sister interrupted, ‘My ex-mother-in-law hired a funeral home when she held a Christian funeral for my ex-fiance, so what about we consider hiring the one they engaged with?’ Considering that her ex-fiance’s family is a Christian devotee, we thought that was not a bad idea.

Choosing A Funeral Home

We approached my younger sister’s ex-mother-in-law for advice because it would have been too daunting to analyse each funeral package in Singapore. It became easier for us to find a funeral home with a reputable funeral director and an affordable funeral package.

Since the funeral home we chose is open and available 24/7, we were able to arrange my aunt’s Christian funeral service in less than a day. I asked my other cousins to contact our relatives so they could join us for our aunt’s wake and send her off peacefully.

The wake took three days, and on the third day, we held a small procession and let our immediate family members carry the casket to the burial site.

This year, we returned to pay our respects in front of my aunt’s grave. We always do this before the holiday season (as our way) to celebrate Christmas with her.

Do I Recommend Ang Chin Moh?

Of course, I would recommend Ang Chin Moh because, without the help from its assigned funeral director in Singapore, we would not be able to hold a Christian funeral service and send my aunt off.

Even though Singapore has outstanding and reasonable funeral services, I still wish that no one had to experience the unexpected loss of a loved one. My family and I took four years before we could finally grieve in peace for my aunt’s death.