Get To Know Web Directories Better

A web directory is an online counterpart of traditional yellow pages. Businesses can get listed on web directories just like on yellow pages. As the internet grew bigger the accuracy of web directories suffered, which became hard for users.

Soon, search engines were used to find information online instead of web directories. Google became the next web directory but today is a search engine. In 2011, Google stopped functioning as a web directory.

Is there a difference between a search engine and a web directory?

The way results are pulled out is the first difference and the other diversity branches from this.

  • Real human arranges the result in the web directory, while web crawlers [spiders] crawl across the internet to identify the user’s intent and pull out the results.
  • For ranking high optimization is a must. For search engines, there is a need for on and off-page optimization. The content has to be keyword optimized for helping bots understand your website content. For web directories, local SEO is essential to make your brand appear often on queries. Ensure to list a business on the right directory for getting before the right consumers.

Web directories today are used for marketing and link-building purposes. Google has been penalizing businesses using web directories because it is regarded as a black hat technique. Traffic from web directories cannot be converted into website traffic, so it is utterly useless.

However, if you operate locally with the majority of customers belonging to the local community then place your link on a popular business directory. For example, BLEEN is a reliable local business directory and marketplace connecting local businesses and professionals with the local consumers.

How to submit business links to directories?

You can submit your website to different directories and enhance your brand visibility. Some directories are free and a few charge a small fee. There are plenty of categories to list your business but ensure that the categories chosen have to be relevant.

  • Double-check the SEO of your website because you will be submitting to a website that is handled manually.
  • Choose a relevant business directory. If you are a flooring installer and contractor then choose Flooring Domain. It is an online floorcovering directory. If you submit on an irrelevant business directory then the reviewer [a human person] will mark your website link as spam. This can damage your SEO efforts.
  • Choose an appropriate category for your business link because your submission can get rejected.
  • Submit the right URL with comprehensive business details. Be consistent about the details across every directory listing.

Important tips 

  • Never submit to gain backlinks. Ensure to choose quality directories like Industry Link Online to maximize the website’s potential.
  • List websites in relevant categories because spamming can get you penalized by Google.
  • Never approve of placing a banner on your website because some web directories may ask. It can damage your SEO efforts.
  • Update your name, address, and phone number across every listing regularly.

Web directories must not be used to gain backlinks because they can dent your website. If you desire to enhance brand visibility and credibility, then concentrate on local SEO enhancement and submissions in local directories.