Full Mouth Reconstruction —Transforming Smiles and Lives 

Has gum disease caused harm to any of your teeth? Do you think your smile could appear better? A dentist may offer various smile makeover options for customers who wish to repair, restore, improve, or completely change their smile. Consulting a Dedham, MA restorative dentistry professional can care for all your worries and give you the smile of your dreams.

What is a full mouth reconstruction? 

Full mouth reconstruction, also known as full mouth rehabilitation, is a set of procedures intended to improve your smile and teeth aesthetically and restore damaged teeth, increase occlusion (biting), and maintain overall oral health. 

Restoring your smile via full mouth reconstruction is designed to improve your quality of life, whether you need slight adjustments to correct minor faults or a whole rebuilding of your dental arches. To restore damaged enamel, replace missing teeth, and rid the mouth of disease and decay, your dentist may provide a variety of procedures. 

What stages are involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction? 

Full mouth reconstruction may completely transform a grin in only a few visits. While the technique is complex, an experienced dentist may help streamline it, making it a straightforward and smooth process.

  • Step 1 

Creating a tailored treatment plan to meet your particular needs – examining your bite, TMJ, gums, teeth, smile, and lip line to build an attractive, healthy, functional, and long-lasting smile for you.

  • Step 2 

A 3D model of your new smile and bite will be created. Your new signature smile incorporates every facet of your bite, lips, gums, teeth, and grin. You may examine the 3D Model and your outcome before beginning treatment.

  • Step 3 

Appointment for Preparation – This is when your smile will be altered. Any previous restorations and decay are removed during this session, and the underlying teeth are made healthy and reconstructed. The dentist takes impressions of the new structure and artistically sculpts stunning temporary teeth, so you leave with a new smile. 

  • Step 4 

A skilled Ceramist will artistically design and build your new smile as you try it out for the following several weeks. The technician’s talent and creativity are crucial in producing a stunning smile with veneers. 

  • Step 5 

Appointment for Completion – When you return to the clinic, your dentist will glue the final repairs. At this visit, the specialists take the time to get the fine features of your smile to appear perfect- natural, suitable for your smile line and face, boosting your entire appearance. If properly maintained, Full Mouth Reconstruction should look and feel excellent for up to 15 years following installation.