Fashion Etiquettes: Must follow the rules to make a statement

I wouldn’t get into cliches concerning attire and appearances. But deep down, you know there’s no denying the fact how dressing appropriately enhances your personality. Let me lay it out for you in layman’s terms. One’s manner of dressing reveals a lot about you. Who doesn’t want to feel like a million bucks dressed in befitting attire, walking down the street ready to make a couple of heads turn in your direction? That does feel good.

 A bit of practice, appreciation, rightful criticism, courage to try, and the below-mentioned set of rules is all you need. 

Identify your style

Often dressing in contrast to our personality poses serious problems. You may not find the need to put on a suit for every occasion because that’s not you. Casual has other dimensions. Choosing the proper attire, colors can be a bit overwhelming. Loud colors on a quiet fellow, that’s a fashion fail!

The Right Fit

Getting the right fit is the one rule set in stone. A fit gone wrong could deliberately destroy the occasion you got ready for. Avoid too shabby or too figure-hugging clothes that make you feel cramped within. Comfort comes first.

Mix it Up

Don’t be one of those monotonous routine dressers. Wearing the same thing over and over again isn’t doing any wonders for you. Also doesn’t mean you need to shell out every penny stacking up. It is attainable with a limited wardrobe. It would help if you got your pairings right. It may seem strenuous a task at the onset. Believe me, and you’ll get there.

Dress Suitably

Although dressing well is essential, dressing appropriately is borderline obligatory. You can’t show up to a wedding in rugged denim and crewnecks.  The right blend of casual and formal wear exists for every possible situation. 

Be Careful with Colors

The colors are captivating. Obsession over colors is one thing while pulling it off a wholly different affair. It’s a plethora of shades out there, and you can’t anticipate yourself looking good trying each. It’s not a particular task, and you only need to be mindful while picking out or pairing.

Fashion sense is a skill that will come to you eventually with practice. Don’t fret over it. Sometimes you may get it wrong. That happens too.  It takes time. Give it time. Meanwhile, dress well and look your best.