Essential guide to fabric cutting tables

fabric cutting tables

There are some essential things you need to know about fabric cutting tables. Whether you are shopping for a new one, having some frustrating problems with your current one or just looking for some expert tips, we’ve written the essential guide for you. Trust us, your cutting equipment will thank you.

What is a cutting table?

A fabric cutting table is a flat surface structure that allows precise cuts of fabric. The clean design and table height make precision cutting easier. 

How important is it?

The importance of a good cutting table can easily be underestimated. Sure, most work surfaces or tables have a flat surface but the design of a fabric cutting table is unique and fulfils a specific purpose – neat, precise and easy cutting. 

Why do you need one?

  • It enhances smooth and easy fabric cutting.
  • Protects materials from cutting damages.
  • Allows the cutting of large materials without hindrance.
  • Eases cutting processes and ensures good posture.
  • Cutting tables help in space conservation and organisation. 

Height and size are the foremost important factors when deciding on a table. Both these aspects affect the functionality of the table. What size fabrics will you be working with? Larger fabrics require a larger table, but smaller tables are easier to work with and reach across. Table height is important for posture and preventing back pain. Standard heights of cutting tables come between 36 and 40 inches, dependant on your height. 

Ideal for forming fabrics of all types and sizes, it is very important to take good care of your desk to ensure optimal use. You can reduce the cost of your cutting table by maintaining it, protecting it and keeping it clean. Below are our expert tips for use.

Tips for use

  • Do not press the cutter too hard against the table when cutting fabric. 
  • Do not expose the table to direct sunlight, excessive heat, or other unfavourable conditions. 
  • Do not expose the table to water or moisture. 
  • Use sharp blades to cut fabric and do not press dull blades against the table surface.

With this guide, we hope you now understand the importance of cutting tables and can begin your search to find the perfect cutting table for you. With the above considerations, you can have fun buying the best sewing equipment available. The cutting table is the missing piece of furniture needed to ensure the performance of your sewing.