Eco-friendly Options To Use With Recycled Shipping Boxes

If you are a lover of green earth and are willing to consider packaging options for your stuff, then here is a quick one to read. Earth lovers are in the revolution of making products that will favor the earth. Are you sending homemade stuff to a loved one, or are you moving to a new place, and you want to pack up? Are eco-friendly cum biodegradable packaging materials your choicest options? Here are handpicked sustainable products that can work alongside carton boxes. 

Packing peanuts from cornstarch: Packing peanuts serve as pads for fragile items. They are made from cornstarch and are compostable. They are easy to use; pour them into a box before or after you place your items. Make sure they hold your items compact before you seal them off. 

Green wrap: No, this has nothing to do with leaves nor grasses. It is a cushioning wrap made with paper. It comes in a roll like many other wraps, but it is effective as a cushioning agent, preventing your vessels from falling and breaking. Serving as a pad, it prevents hard crashes. You can recycle this packaging option or compost it if you like. 

Eco-friendly carton sealing tape: Life is interesting these days. You can now use paper to seal the paper. Tapes exist as carton sealers now, made with paper and effective in holding edges together. If you are thinking of using purely biodegradable packaging materials then you can bank on the eco-friendly carton sealer. The adhesive property is pretty great, too. 

Glassine Paper: Here is water, grease, and air resistant product that you can use to pack or wrap delicate items like works of art, books, or even clothes. Glassine papers prevent oxygen or humidity from affecting your items. It is clear, and some special makes are transparent/translucent. The product is often confused with wax paper or plastic, but it is not. It is made from a pulp-based material that gives it a unique feel and looks. Hence, it is biodegradable and recyclable. Use it to wrap your sensitive items before placing them in the bags.

Paper Mailers: If you’d be sending or storing away vital documents for a while, then the 100% recycled mail paper is a good choice to go for. It looks like the popular brown envelope and can be confused for it. It allows you to keep documents neatly in flat shapes while keeping them away in the box. This product has the impressive durability of poly mailers. They are a biodegradable packaging substance that you can trust.