Easy to Follow Ways to Identify Types of Bees

It isn’t often that bees visit your home however, if you live in midst of natural surroundings then there are high chances of noticing this unwanted visitor. They visit homes to find the right place to nest. They prefer to habitat in dark areas. Hence, they will nest on wall voids, attic roof and chimneys. 

About bees and why they are unwanted guests-

  • One of the most problematic facts is that of bee stings. It is painful and some people even experience allergic reactions. 
  • Their hives are filled with honey and when the fermentation process starts it attracts other insects, stain and damage the surrounding home structures. 
  • Having thousands of bees on the hive is always dangerous for anyone and anytime. 

There are many effective ways to get rid of bees. One of the most beneficial ones is to call for professional help. The pest control Manchester are the best professional pest controllers always ready to help their clients in driving away pests from their homes and working arena. They provide regular pest eliminating services to keep your living space safe and hygienic to lead a healthy life. 

Types of bees: 

  • Africanized honeybees: They look exactly like common honeybees, but are quite aggressive. Their stings are deadly thus, it is best to contact a pest specialist if you identify their hive in your home or surroundings. 
  • Bumblebees: They are the short furry bees that are highly known as pollinators. They are non-aggressive and always seem to be buzzing around the garden. 
  • Carpenter bees: They are larger size replicas of bumblebees. They do not favour stinging, but sill they are not liked because of their habit to bore into the wood and lay their eggs in the holes. They are also commonly known as wood bees. 
  • Honeybees: The most common species of bees you find everywhere as there are forty kinds of honeybees. They are sometimes, mistaken to be wasps as they look alike but bees are fuzzier. 
  • Long-horned bees: they have long antennae that help them to have better taste and smell. They mostly live in the area of sand and clay. 

How to prevent bee infestation? 

  • Use bee repellent: There are repellents available that drive away bees by generating sonic waves. There are natural repellents as well like peppermint oil, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, liquid soap, lemon grass and citronella. Even scented candles have the ability to keeps bees away from your home. 
  • Keep your food covered to prevent them from infesting them. In summer times, bees do visit home in search of food that is sugary. 

Many folks prefer to leave bees alone, as they won’t sting anyone if they are left undisturbed. However, the truth is that they are always dangerous as the stings are allergic and need medical treatment immediately. Moreover, they prefer to protect their Queen bee and their hive, thus there is always a danger lurking where the bees are present nearby. 

There are highly trained pests controllers ready to help you to save yourself and your family from bee stings. You just need to contact them.