Do Flowers Make Us Happy?

Flowers are part of the plant that has a beautiful shape and has a variety of forms. Flowers have a very beautiful appearance so it is appropriate if flowers are liked by many people. Flowers are usually used as gifts for special people. Flowers are also often used to decorate a house or a room.

Although it seems simple, flowers always manage to give happiness to those who give or receive them. We can send happiness to our loved ones through flowers. People who are depressed can smile because of a flower.

Besides being happy, flowers can also be a good non-verbal communication tool in a relationship. That’s because each flower has a different meaning. Even the number of stalks in one bouquet can also change the meaning.

Why Do Flowers Make Someone Happy?

Reporting from the site, it is said that flowers can make someone happy even just by looking at them. Why?

First, flowers can increase the hormone dopamine. The hormone dopamine is triggered by the expectation of a given reward. Flowers as gifts seem to be a big enough award for us. Especially if the one who gives flowers is a loved one. Feeling comfortable will help the brain to produce more dopamine. This will make the person feel happy and cheerful.

Second, flowers can help stimulate the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that can cause empathy, loyalty, and trust in one another. The hormone oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus in the brain and released through the pituitary gland which is located below it.

Third, flowers can help us increase the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone associated with mental health. If the serotonin level in the body is low, it will be at risk for psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders. When we see flowers, plant plants, or get a flower gift from someone, the hormone serotonin in the body will increase. Besides being able to make a person happy, this increase in hormones can also improve mood and help control sleep cycles. In fact, this compound also plays a role in increasing libido.

Fourth, apart from being able to trigger several hormones in the body, the reason why flowers can make a person happy can also be related to their color and shape. Color has the power to stimulate emotions in a person. Flowers that have a variety of colors can stimulate happiness and other positive emotions. In addition to the color, the various flower shapes coupled with the smell must also be able to make someone happy. Aesthetics emitted from a flower can give a positive signal to someone.

Happier with Flower Therapy

The University of New Jersey experimented in 2005 on 90 women. The women were given various kinds of gifts such as flowers, chocolates, perfume, and clothes. They seemed happy to receive the gifts. Researchers then assessed the smiles of the participants, ranging from smiles for reasons of politeness to genuinely happy smiles.

A few days later the women who received the flowers still looked happier than the participants who received the other gifts. In addition, people who come to flower shops feel more relaxed and happy.

What is flower therapy? Flower therapy is a course where participants will express their creativity and intuition using clay and flowers of their choosing. Participants can make any shape they like with the clay. Then the flowers they choose will be pasted on the clay crafts that have been made previously.

Another flower therapy is as simple as a flower arrangement. There is no right or wrong in flower arrangements. It is the result of what we felt that day.

Flowers fundamentally have a therapeutic effect. The happiness obtained from flower therapy is even believed to last long enough.

Flowers as the Best Gift

After knowing that flowers can make someone happy, have you been interested in giving a bouquet to your loved ones? Many flower delivery Singapore can help you, although the best is still FlowerAdvisor. You can ask the florist for recommendations about the flowers you will choose. Remember, the quality of the florist you choose determines the quality of the flowers you buy!

Best Flower Recommendation to Make Lover Happy

Actually, there are many kinds of flowers that you can choose from. But some of the flowers below can be a good recommendation for you.

The first is the chrysanthemum. Not only does it brighten a room, but chrysanthemums also have a mood-brightening effect. It is even believed that the influence of prison flowers on a person’s mood is stronger than a bar of chocolate. Chrysanthemum flowers can drive away anxiety, worry, and sadness. This flower can also be processed into tea and is efficacious to calm the body.

The second is roses. This flower is the most popular. Roses symbolize love and feelings. There are many types of roses based on color and all types are believed to improve a person’s mood. It smells good too.

Besides giving gifts in the form of flower bouquets, we can also get well soon hampers. Arrange several items in the form of hampers. Add flowers as a sweetener so that the hamper you give is more aesthetic and makes your partner happy.