Curved vs Flat-Screen Monitors for PC Gaming – Which is Best?

There are many ways gamers can enhance their gaming sessions from the hardware, the internet speed, and the accessories used for the games played. One factor you may not have thought about is your gaming monitor. Most players opt for the largest screen within their budget, but have you given thought to the shape of the screen? Here we’ll take a look at the wildly popular curved monitors versus the standard flat-screen monitors to determine which is best for you. You may be surprised by the answer.

A Curved Screen Is All About Immersing Yourself

When video game developers set out to make a game, the goal is to create something immersive. They want the players to feel part of the action and make it as realistic as possible. A curved screen can help to make that a reality as the screen makes it feel like the player is surrounded by the game. It’s almost as though you’re on the screen playing.

This will be more pronounced if you purchase a large curved screen monitor.

Eyestrain Is Something of the Past with a Curved Screen

Eyestrain is something many gamers complain about, as constant gaming can do a real number on your eyes. Staring at the same spot for any length of time is bound to cause issues, but when you have a large screen that forces your eyes to dart up, down, and from side to side, you won’t have the same amount of strain happening.

Navigate Open Tabs with Ease

For those who like to have many tabs open at once, a curved screen can also be a better option. It improves navigation, which makes for smoother performance.

You Need to Have Plenty of Available Space

Here’s an area where a flat-screen monitor comes out on top. For those who have limited space for their gaming computer and monitor, a curved screen may not be practical. They take up much more space than the flat screen ones do, and they can be pretty heavy. It requires more thought in your gaming setup.

The Curved Screen May Not Be Ideal for Other Tasks

If you plan on using your computer for other things outside of gaming a curved screen may not be ideal. For example, if you work from home and do a lot of detailed tasks, spreadsheets, editing, and creating documents, you may find the flat-screen better.

Don’t Forget to Look for a 4K Model

If you decide you want to invest in a new monitor, perhaps one of the curved monitors, be sure to also look for a 4K screen for exceptional resolution and quality. Many of today’s top games require 4K, so this isn’t the place to cut corners, especially with a gaming PC. You can check out options like the Lenovo 4K Gaming PCs.

Make an Informed Choice

As you can see, there is no finite answer on which is better for gaming when it comes to flat screen versus curved screen monitors. Instead, ask yourself what your priorities are, how much space you have available, and if you’ll be using the computer for other things outside of gaming.