Compelling Reasons To Choose Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating is a blend of resins and hardeners. When blended these substances undergo a chemical reaction. Rigid plastic material is formed including tightly connected cross-polymer structures. The material fastens well to the majority of based layers creating a durable and resistant floor surface.

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Compelling reasons for using epoxy flooring coating

Durable & resistant

Epoxy is resilient to wear and tear from high traffic. It can handle heavy machinery, transport vehicles, and forklifts moving around. It is resilient to sudden cargo dropping or spillage. The floor surface will not get damaged because the coating connects impeccably to the concrete flooring.

Resists chemicals

Epoxy coating is designed for durability and resilience, so it can handle consistent exposure to chemicals. The coating does not lose its structure or effectiveness. So, epoxy coating is perfect for floors of industrial plants, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities as these are exposed regularly to harsh elements.

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Less machinery damage

The epoxy coating can handle the weight of transport vehicles because the surface it creates is more lenient than many other flooring types. It means reduced wear and tear to the transport machinery because there are no bumps created on the floor. Thus the machinery maintenance cost is also reduced as there is hardly any damage associated with flooring issues.

Visually appealing

Epoxy flooring has an aesthetic appeal. It gives new life to the tired and old floors. A highly attractive and gleaming flooring surface is created. Buyers can choose from an array of colors and textures. The flooring can match the color scheme of the entire company or facility.

Fast application

Epoxy flooring is quick to install. You don’t need to shut the business or stall production. There is hardly any downtime when the professionals are applying the epoxy. They have experience and knowledge of how to do it without disrupting their client’s business.

Eco friendly

Epoxy coating holds a harmless substance and the manufacturing process is minimal. There are no harmful and harsh chemicals included keeping epoxy flooring dirt-free and clean. Besides, the epoxy surface gleams offering commercial and industrial spaces extra lighting, thus saving energy.

Epoxy coating lasts long, which means less waste as there will be no need for replacement for years. It even helps to avoid the usual deterioration of the transport vehicles, so no need to replace mechanical parts or tires as often….causing less waste.

Easy to clean

There are pores and crevices in other flooring types that attract dirt and bacteria. Cleaning is hard but with epoxy flooring, the surface is completely and smoothly sealed. There are no pores and crevices, so cleaning and maintenance are simple. Just clean the epoxy floor with warm soapy water.

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