Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist: What Factors to Consider

Imagine walking into a dental clinic with apprehension gripping your heart, unsure whether the cosmetic dentist you’ve chosen is the right one. Now, picture yourself sauntering into Dr. Barry Chase‘s office with confidence, knowing you’ve made a smart choice. This blog post will guide you through what to consider when choosing a cosmetic dentist, empowering you to make an informed decision. It’s like choosing a friend – it requires careful thought and should not be rushed. After all, a great smile is a game-changer, isn’t it?

Training and Experience

Would you hire a mechanic who just started yesterday? Probably not. The same logic applies when picking your cosmetic dentist. Prioritize dentists with extensive hands-on experience and robust training, like Dr. Barry Chase.

Customer Reviews

Always pay attention to what other patients have to say. Check for well-detailed customer reviews, or ask around for recommendations. If most people rave about their dentist, chances are you’ll have a similar experience.

Services Offered

Your needs might go beyond teeth whitening or veneer application. Does your potential dentist offer a range of services? Comprehensive care is vital — you don’t want to hop from one dentist to another.


Advanced equipment translates into efficient and comfortable treatment. Make sure your dentist leverages the latest technology in their procedures. Modern dentistry is painless and quick, so don’t settle for less.


Not all dental clinics make you feel at ease. The right cosmetic dentist should make you comfortable — in the waiting room, during the procedure, and after.

Before and After Pictures

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Ask for before and after pictures of previous patients. This will give you an idea of what to expect. If you’re thrilled by what you see, that’s a good sign.

Insurance and Payment Plans

Does your insurance cover cosmetic dentistry? If not, does the dentist offer flexible payment plans that won’t break the bank? Always consider your budget.

In conclusion, choosing a cosmetic dentist isn’t a decision to take lightly. Take your time, think it through, and consider these factors. Remember, a confident smile is a priceless asset. Don’t gamble with it.

Dr. David K Simson
The author, Dr. David K Simson is a trained radiation oncologist specializing in advanced radiation techniques such as intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) / Rapid Arc, stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT), stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). He is also experienced in interstitial, intracavitary, and intraluminal brachytherapy.