Checklist before placing a pizza order online or at the store

Family Eating Pizza at Home Out of Pizza Box

Planning a pizza party is always most exciting. It makes one of the most economical choices compared to other food options. Pizza is generally loved and relished by all regardless of age. From children to elders, everyone loves pizza! The cheese loaded crust is what guests look up to on those weekend nights or special occasions.

Although, Double Pizza online have some of the best options to fit your party plans, you must ensure you have a checklist before placing an order online. Without a checklist, placing pizza orders may sometime look confusing and stressful.

Checklist for online or store pizza orders:

  1. How many people are you ordering the pizzas for? Check out the total number of people and take a count before ordering pizzas. For a larger group, party packages of large pizzas work the best!
  2. Did you check any food allergies from the guests? Some may not be happy and some people may be allergic to foods like pizza sauce, mushrooms, etc… Ask your guests about food allergies before placing the order online.
  3. Do you have a budget? Keep a budget aside for pizza parties. Having a budget makes you more confident of the pizza deliveries. You must think of a budget before placing any order randomly so that you spend wisely rather than wasting money by ordering too much.
  4. Where are you ordering pizzas from? Did you check the reviews and ratings of the outlet? It is critical that you order food from a known store and brand. Food poisoning is a common thing and can get critical if you neglect it. Thus, you must not take a risk of ordering pizzas from just any brand. Avoid getting swayed by attractive deals and offers from random brands.
  5. How quick will it take to deliver? Ask for the deadline by when the brand can deliver bulk orders to your location. If it will take some time, you may have to think of some games, activities, and other accompaniments to entertain your guests while the wait for pizzas is on.


Pizza deliveries make the most exciting decision. You must be confident in ordering pizzas for your guests as if it is like a routine party thing for you. The best thing about pizzas is you don’t have to worry about before ordering. Brands like Double Pizza online take care of everything.