Challenges Faced by UPSC Aspirants

If you have planned to clear the IAS exam, know that it is not at all a child’s play. The preparation for the UPSC exam involves a lot of hard work and dedication for an extended period. For this, you can join the online IAS coaching to get the required expert video lectures and study materials for general studies. 

Secondly you need to command over one of the optional subjects, from list of subjects prescribe by UPSC. Some popular subjects are Public Administration, Geography, History and sociology for UPSC.

This article will cover the challenges that the IAS aspirants face before and during the UPSC preparation. Since UPSC is a challenging exam, it is understood that candidates will get perplexed. Some of them may fail at the first attempt and lose all hope. However, if you get to know the challenges beforehand, it will be easier to deal with them. 

Challenges before the UPSC preparation 

  • Confusion and doubt 

Most of the UPSC aspirants doubt whether they will be able to crack the UPSC or not. If you fear the civil service exam in this manner, you are sure to get doomed soon. Getting afraid of the syllabus or of not being able to accept failure should be overcome. 

  • Choosing the right path 

Many UPSC aspirants, in the initial days, stand clueless. They do not know what to do or are confused about whether the path they are choosing is right. As a beginner, you first have to choose some good IAS coaching centers and then look at their customer reviews before you join them. 

  • Financial help 

Since the IAS exam is a tough business and requires a lot of time, you also have to be prepared for money. You will have to buy a lot of books. Do some library work. Again, if you join a coaching centre, the fees of the centre are nothing meagre. So, before joining, make sure you are monetarily stable. 

  • Optional subject 

A significant part of the UPSC Mains constitutes the optional paper. UPSC allows you to pick one from the many subjects that it has. Be careful while choosing the optional subject. It is better to pick sociology as many portions of the sociology optional syllabus overlap with the general studies paper. 

Challenges during the UPSC preparation 

  • Humongous syllabus 

Yes, the syllabus of UPSC is indeed massive. However, you may be petrified by the UPSC syllabus if you do not capture the right strategy to cover it. In this case, joining a reliable UPSC coaching centre can help you with their full-proof strategy to cover the syllabus at a respective time. 

  • Time management 

When the syllabus is enormous, you need to manage time to complete it soon and have some time at hand for revision. If a UPSC aspirant can study for at least 6 to 8 hours every day, his syllabus will be covered within one and a half years. 

  • Coaching or self-studying? 

Many of you are confused about joining a reliable IAS coaching centre or studying on your own. Of course, it is not impossible to crack UPSC with self-study. But, if you have to know the correct strategy, the best that you can do is join a reliable coaching centre. 

  • Timetable and daily schedule 

Since you have started preparing for the UPSC, you will prepare a daily routine to finish the syllabus. In the schedule, add a particular time for revision. 


Therefore, challenges are present in every journey that you undertake. Instead of being afraid of these hurdles, face them and overcome them to enjoy a prosperous life ahead.