Causes of Wrinkles and How PRP Therapy Helps?

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Age is something that is represented in the body in many ways such as skin wrinkles, pain in the joints and legs, difficulty in remembering things and so on. Skin is the body part that shows a person’s age because it cannot be completely hidden underneath the clothes. The common signs of aging include dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and so on. The best way to avoid such signs of aging is with the help of PRP therapy.

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Wrinkle Causes 

The main causes of skin wrinkles are changes that occur in the skin layers from the inside and outside. This is mainly divided into two different kinds such as – 

  1. Intrinsic aging 

The skin layer is subjected to aging chronologically, no matter what the external influence may do to the dermal layer. This is a natural aging process and represents the fact that the body is maturing with the timeline. This factor is influenced by many things such as heredity, the body condition of a person, and so on. 

After the body reaches 20 years, it will start producing 1% less collagen annually. As this prolongs, the skin layer starts becoming rigid and thick, unlike supple and smooth and elastic. As the skin layer is subjected to more stretching and other activities, it will result in causing wrinkles all around the body. 

  1. Extrinsic aging 

Environmental influence on the body will cause the extrinsic aging of the skin. This condition is drastically experienced and you may notice some wrinkles on your skin, which were not there the night before. It can be because of many reasons such as – 

  • Changing sleeping positions throughout the night 
  • Pollution 
  • Smoking 
  • Sun exposure 

The constant smile on your face will make the corners of your mouth cringe and form wrinkles in that particular region. These lines are known as the expression lines and can become one of the many signs of extrinsic aging. The position of the face on any particular side throughout the night may even lead to this problem. 

PRP Therapy 

PRP or also known as Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy is a type of procedure that is available for dulling the signs of aging on the skin layer. Here, the required amount of blood will be drawn from the body of the patients and the platelets will be isolated from blood. These platelets will become the medicine for skin aging signs in any particular patient. 

When injected, the platelets will start producing new collagen fibres. Such fibres become the thread that stitches the saggy and thick skin layer together. This reduces wrinkles and fine lines that form because of the absence of enough amount of naturally produced collagen fibres. As a result, your skin will become supple and elastic in no time.