BBQs 2u Offers a Revolutionary Gas-Powered Pizza Oven

For any outdoor kitchen, BBQs 2u offers an Ooni pizza oven that can be a perfect addition. Many people are often looking for wood-fired pizza that should be authentic, but they struggle to get any good results. The Ooni Pizza oven is the right answer for them. 

These Ooni pizza ovens will be super-fast while cooking pizzas and can offer a fantastic value as compared to any other wood-fired pizza oven available on the market. The models offered by Ooni are quite compact that can easily be carried to a beach where one can cook pizza and enjoy a party! 

This pizza oven of Ooni Koda was also broadcasted on BBC, where GoodFood was voted as the “Best Buy” in 2020 by the Independent. The 2 models such as Ooni Koda 16 and Ooni Koda 12 can prepare super-fast pizzas!

Ooni Koda 12 Sale is offering a gas-powered pizza oven that will offer the ultimate control and ease.  It can easily reach 500°C (932°F) just in fifteen minutes and can cook in just 1 minute a fresh stone-baked 12” pizza. It can easily fit in an outdoor space and weighs just only 9.25kg.

Since time is precious for everybody hence, this model fires out breathtaking pizzas just in 1 minute flat. There will be no hassle of assembling, no fuss, and no mess! Cooking outdoors was never so simple and so beautiful with gas!

Ooni Koda 12 Deal offers right out-of-the-box, a super-compact oven of Ooni Koda make that will be good to go within seconds. One has to simply flip down its foldable legs, and insert a baking board made of stone. Lastly, check if it is connected to gas tank.

It features an instant gas ignition, which is ready to cook within 15 minutes and can easily reach temperatures of 500°C (932°F). One has to simply use the dial meant for heat control to cook pizza within just 1 minute, and also can be used for roasting fish, steaks, and vegetables.

All Ooni products are usually supported by a 1-year warranty but for this model, Ooni will offer a 3-year warranty* on any Ooni pizza ovens, if anyone registers his pizza oven with Ooni.

The following are a few key features of this Ooni Koda 12 model:

  • Offers ease: The model as soon as it is unpacked, one has to simply connect to a certain propane tank and start cooking!
  • Easy control: One can easily and instantly turn the heat up or down by using the heat control dial.
  • Offers convenience: No smoke is produced, and no clean-up ashes are needed after cooking! 

What is present in the box? 

As soon as the box is unpacked, one will find the following:

  • Ooni Koda pizza oven (gas-powered)
  • Cordierite stone baking board
  • Propane tank gas regulator along with hose
  • User manual from Ooni Koda with Ooni essentials guide offering various tips and recipes.

Plenty of reviews are written by customers who have purchased this model that one can easily find by visiting their Facebook profile.