Recycling and shredding tires can be quite difficult because of the components that tires are made from in order to ensure their durability. A tire is made up of about thirty (30) different ingredients, such as natural rubber, synthetic polymers, steel, textile, fillers, antioxidants, antiozonants, curing systems (sulfur and zinc oxide), etc. While a tire component contains bead, bead filler, belts, body ply, inner liner, sidewall, and tread. Tires also contain many rubber compounds and other materials because they are required t.o safely deliver even in the face of wide-range demanding conditions. This has made tires extremely difficult to break.

Nonetheless, it becomes important that tires be recycled, either by breaking, cutting, shredding, chipping, or granulating, having seen that a recycled tire can be made into several usable products, and on the other side leaving tires without the option of recycling only adds up to environmental hazard as there is much harm that tires left with proper care can cause. Here comes to play the importance of a tire shredder.

A tire shredder is a device that is designed to ensure ease and efficiency in the recycling process of tires by shredding and altering the materials so that they can be transformed into other usable products such as rubber mulch, crumb rubber, rubber powder, steel, fiber, nylon, tire-derived aggregate, and tire-derived fuel. The complex nature of tires and their hardness requires that tire shredders have more strength and force compared to other types of industrial shredders. There are different sizes of tires, and variations in the level of their hardness, tire shredders have been designed in different types to accommodate different types of tires that can be shredded.

The tire shredder machine differs in its internal mechanical design and process since the component of different tire blend needs to go through a number of refinement process before it can be used. Therefore there are different types of tire shredding equipment such as Shear Shredders, Grinders, Chippers, Granulators, and Specialty tire shredders.

Shear shredder types are typically low speed and usually use two shaft rotary knives to cut materials. Grinders use either low or high speed with wheels, drums, and plates in the wearing-off process. Chippers can be single or multiple-stage devices that use high-speed rotating knives, drums, and wheels in cutting the materials into chips. Granulators vary largely in size and mechanics and consider units that work with knives to cut parts into minute particles. Specialty tire Shredder in case of tires is designed to tear the tire using a high level of force into small pieces using rotary shafts at low speeds, under very high torque.