All You Need to Know About: Pressure Gauge and How Does It Work? 

What is a Pressure Gauge?

A pressure gauge is a mechanism that helps to monitor the performance of parameters. In the water system and tank functions, the water or air runs through them in pressure. A pressure gauge measures the force of pressure in the water or air that you can find out that there is an error in tanks or systems.

Purpose of Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are used for a variety of reasons. You can use them for household pressure if you want to see the pressure regulator on the house is still working and in good condition. You can also use them on the storage tank to make sure the pump is turning on and off properly. They are used on water treatment or things like reserve osmosis where pressure is the key component to the operation of that system. Even, it enables to test pressures on a storage tank.

Two Main Types of Pressure Gauges

Miljoco Pressure Gauges come in a lot of different forms but the two main common types of pressure gauges used in the water treatment industry are the manometer and the bourdon tube gauges.

  • Manometer: This style of pressuregauge contains a little U-shaped tube with liquid in it. When pressure is applied to the gauge, the water in the tube rises one way to another. It can determine how pressurized your system is by reading the marking indicated on the tube.
  • Bourdon Tube: The bourdon-typeLow-Pressure Gaugeis most commonly used in the water industry because it is easy to use. It is a readable dial with a needle that points right to the operating system. It can be used on storage tanks to let you know if your pump is working properly. This type of gauge contains a little and sealed tube inside. When pressurized liquid or air enters the gauge, then the little curved tube begins to straighten out. As it straightens, it interacts with gears inside to move the needle. These gauges are present to measure a certain range of pressure.

How Do You Install a Pressure Gauge?

Pressures Gaugescome with a threaded mount either you put into a pipe fitting or into a manifold. These Miljoco Gauges come with threads on the bottom and are typically mounted on the top of a filter housing or some type of plumbing.

How Do You Read a Pressure Gauge?

You can simply read the pressure gauge by matching the needle to the number on the dial. Digital pressure gauge will read an accurate PSI. The stick will line up with the end of the gauge so that you can read the pressure easily.

The Bottom Line

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