Advantages of Learning Vocabulary 

What is Vocabulary? 

A unique set of words that you are learning is called vocabulary. Vocabulary is a set of familiar words used in a particular language. It referred to the terms we must understand to communicate effectively. Knowing and using words is called vocabulary.

Importance of Vocabulary in Language Learning

Vocabulary is the foundation of all languages. It is essential to have a rich vocabulary in order to express our thoughts, ideas, feelings, share information and understand others.  Vocabulary enhances the development of grammar in kids. Children need to learn a lot of vocabulary, so that it is crucial to teach and support the understanding of new words. When learning a foreign language, it is essential to work on vocabulary as it leads to success in learning the particular language. Parents and teachers have a huge responsibility to teach their kids a new vocabulary. Teaching kids simple new words in alphabetical order like A words, B words, C words, k words for kids, G words for kids will help children gain a broader vocabulary in the target language. Having a good vocabulary in the target language will support all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 


Reading: when it comes to reading comprehension, it is most essential to have vocabulary knowledge. Because when you are reading a book, if you come across a word used which you do not know the meaning of, you will not understand the text. You might end up looking at the dictionary and understand the importance in their context. 

Listening: vocabulary plays a vital role in listening comprehension. If you have never heard a particular word, it is difficult to understand the text and recognise and decode its meaning. One can not understand others without having a more excellent knowledge of vocabulary.

Speaking: vocabulary knowledge is widely considered when it comes to a person’s ability to speak a second language. When a person has not learnt the particular vocabulary in a second language, he can not talk or express his thoughts in an effective way. 

Writing: writing is the best way to express oneself. If a person has a more excellent vocabulary knowledge, he/she can express their thoughts in writing. They will have a more comprehensive selection of words to choose while writing. Thus, the parents and teachers should pay more attention to their kid’s vocabulary. They need to practice their children writing simple words that begin with particular letters like words start with letter B, words start with letter M, S words for kids, V words for kids, U words for kids, words begin with the letter T etc. this practice makes children perfect in using and memorising vocabulary. 

Benefits of Vocabulary 

Vocabulary has enormous benefits on a child’s development. Vocabulary is necessary to improve language skills. Students with rich vocabulary knowledge will be able to tackle more challenging texts or situations that exhibit them to a broader range of vocabulary. 

  • Vocabulary improves reading comprehension: studies have shown that if the kids need to understand what they are reading, it is essential to know 98% of the words in the text.  Vocabulary will help them to understand the text or navels which they are reading. 
  • It is crucial for language development: children with higher vocabulary knowledge tend to express themself better. Vocabulary helps to develop early literacy skills so that they will be successful academically and communicatively. 
  • It boosts communicating ideas in children: good communication is depending upon a good knowledge of vocabulary. Using the correct words while talking makes a more effective communicator.
  • Expressing oneself in writing: if a person wants to write more effectively, he needs to have vast vocabulary knowledge. Children who have good vocabulary can write in a more formal tone. 

Vocabulary can be a stepping stone to high-level language use, and it also helps children gain fluency.