808nm diode laser for hair removal from So Motiv

What is a Laser diode 808nm treatment?

So Motiv 808 diode laser system is the world’s most advanced laser hair removal machine. The 808nm diode laser hair removal gives you an effective, high-quality permanent hair removal solution. It has a unique as well as the advanced wavelength of 808nm (nanometers)+10nm (nanometers) which is recognized as the best standard for a hair removal machine.

The So Motiv 808 diode laser hair removal system ensures that your skin is protected in each possible way. It is the gold standard for permanent hair removal problems. It is very effective, safe, convenient, and easy to use it’s applicable for all types of skins. The wavelength is 808nm+10nm it’s an effective hair removal system.

It has a well-designed cooling technology system (Sapphire contact cooling tip) because of this you can feel chill on your skin while treatment. It’s completely safe and comfortable as well as an effective laser hair removal treatment. So Motiv 808nm diode laser systems are designed in such a way to provide the maximum level of safety.

So Motiv 808 diode is often considered as Gold Standard in hair removal it is a perfect compromise between the melanin and depth penetration. It’s applicable for all types of skin, has no consumables, and the unique skin-cooling system (sapphire contact cooling tip) also makes patients comfortable while treatment.

  1. It’s painless ice handle specially designed for the sensitive area of your skin
  2. Effective Hair Removal on all Skin Types
  3. It’s easy to use
  4. Through 808 diode laser system, you can get to see the instant result
  5. Comparing to other treatments 808 diode laser system requires less time
  6. The laser spot size is too tiny 10mmx
  7. It has -5C ~ 4C to cooling temperature
  8. Repetition Rate: Up to 10 Hz

Generally, people don’t like the unwanted hair growth in abnormal sites of their body which causes embarrassment, anxiety, depression. There are many reasons that why you have excess hair growth issues, for example, they may genetic, systematic disease, and more.

There are many methods to stop the unwanted hair in your body it may be temporary or it may be permanent like waxing, shaving, or plucking the hair. But doing this you will get folliculitis problems. By shaving or waxing your hair causes tiny cuts in your body parts which automatically allows bacteria to enter the follicles.

Nowadays, the 808nm diode laser hair removal system is considered the best and most effective hair removal treatment. It is a widely optional (50-1000ms) pulse duration that doesn’t harm your skin cells. It has an amazing efficient skin-cooling system which is known as (sapphire contact cooling tip) it’s used to chill your skin, during the hair removal treatment.

How So Motiv 808nm diode laser hair removal treatment work?

Through the 808nm diode laser system, the light energy is taken by the epidermis the outer layer of the skin, and then converted the light energy is taken up by the hair follicle and then converted into heat energy and the minimal energy is transferred to your skin cells. This preferentially heats the hair in your body and removes excess hair, and also it reduces the hair regrowth in that particular area of your body. The special cooling technology (sapphire contact cooling tip) will be applied to your body while treatment it’s cool and protective for your skin.

Which part of your body can be treated?

So Motiv diode 800 laser system is very useful for removing unwanted or excess hair from your body parts like in leg, face, arm, underarm, bikini line, chin, and other body parts. The diode 800 lasers can selectively target dark hairs so that hair will stop its growth without making any injuries to the surrounded tissue.

Principles of diode 808 laser hair removal treatment

With the help of the epidermis, the laser light enters your skin cells, and then it is selectively absorbed by the hair follicle through this photothermal effect produces. Once the temperature rises rapidly the roots of the hair will be broken down so that it’s easy to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Thus Diode 808 laser hair removal treatment is painful?

No, the diode 808 laser hair removal treatment is not painful. It is considered the latest as well as the most pain-free hair removal treatment.

Diode 808 laser hair removal application

Bikini hair removal

Hair removal

Leg hair removal

Armpit hair removal

Lip hair removal

Beard hair removal

Arm hair removal


1. Safe

In So Motiv 808nm laser hair removal system is completely safe. No damage, it’s not harmful to skin tissues it’s completely safe no hair follicle inflammation after the hair removal treatment. And there is no damage to the pore, and it won’t affect the perspiration.

2. Faster

This 808nm laser hair removal system requires a short time, the treatment is less than 20 minutes, it doesn’t harm your skin.

3. Unique system

It is the latest technology through this the excess hair in the body can be removed permanently without damaging the skin tissue. It’s a completely safe and comfortable hair removal treatment.

Treatment Handle

1.Large output

It’s a fast hair removal treatment where you can save time. Strong power gives you better results.

2. Spot size

The spot size is too tiny 10mmx. Here you can get the deeper depth treatment that ensures the best effects while hair removal.

3. Wavelength

The 808nm+10nm wavelength so it’s easy to remove the excess hair.

Now it’s the perfect time to get back the best version of yourself. So Motiv diode 808 laser hair removal system is a perfect device for you. It has everything that you need it will helpful for your skin to remove your excess hair. This amazing device is FDA approved, it’s the safest and fastest diode 808nm laser device and a very effective manner for all types of skin. To know more about DansysSo Motiv 808nm diode laser hair removal device and its unique features reach out to us today!