5 Reasons to Choose a Kohler Generator

When it comes to power, you can’t beat Kohler. As the nation’s generator sales leader, Kohler Power provides the most reliable and efficient power solutions for homes and businesses. Whether upgrading your home’s power system or building a new commercial structure, a Kohler generator is right for your needs. With more than 30 years of experience, Kohler has the expertise to ensure your system is installed and running at peak performance. So, today we look at the 5 reasons why you need to choose a Kohler diesel generator over other brands.

Premium Warranty

The first reason to choose a Kohler generator is the premium warranty that comes with each product. Mostly, Kohler’s backup generators come with a 5-year warranty, a 2,000-hour warranty, plus corrosion-resistant enclosures that are built to last. You can also purchase an extended limited warranty that covers parts, labor, and dealer travel for the 5-year warranty period.

High-Quality Generators

Kohler generators go through high-quality testing throughout the manufacturing process. Kohler engines are made to last, enduring heavy workloads and powering your entire home in just seconds. The generators go through performance and efficiency tests before reaching the end-user. Thus, you can be assured of strong, durable, and high-quality generators as a consumer. Kohler also has high-quality diesel generators; you can choose from their wide range.

Robust Diesel Generators

Many industrial operations such as data centers and power plants require a constant power supply. The Kohler brand is trusted to come in handy when power issues arise. This is to say, Kohler diesel generators are very reliable for industrial or residential use. The brand has a variety of generators from which you can choose depending on your preference and budget. Additionally, the brand has excellent assistance in installation, start-up, and even fuel hook-up.

Prolonged Life Span

Kohler generators have a very long lifespan. Kohler industrial generators have commercial-grade engines. They are specifically designed to carry out heavy workloads for long periods. Kohler standby generators are built to function when the utility power runs out. On the other hand, a portable generator is built to work outdoors. So, whether you want a portable or standby generator, Kohler has you covered.

Highly Trusted Nationwide

Kohler generators are highly trusted nationwide, from hospitals to nuclear power plants to the National Weather Service. These firms trust Kohler to provide high-quality, long-lasting generators. As a result, many dealers like Power Systems West choose to sell Kohler generators. Interestingly, Kohler built the first modern-day generator in 1920.

In conclusion, you have all the reasons to buy a Kohler generator. You will not regret buying a Kohler generator. Furthermore, you don’t want your normal life disrupted every time there is a power outage. Are you now thinking of getting yourself a Kohler generator? Worry no more. Power Systems West is a trusted Kohler generator dealer. They can help you get a Kohler generator that best suits you. Visit their website powersystemswest.com for more information.