5 Dental Teeth Replacement Treatment Options

A missing tooth can take away your confidence even to speak. If you have a missing tooth, you may feel conscious around the clock. Therefore, there are many options for tooth replacement in Fairfield, ME, that you can rely on. Here, we have jotted down the top 5 dental replacement options for missing teeth. Here we go! 

5 Options For Replacing Missing Teeth 

1. Dental implants 

The most popular missing teeth replacement method is dental implants. It is a highly reliable method that looks completely natural. If you want to replace your teeth, dental implants are a perfect solution. During the procedure, dental implants are surgically placed within your jaw. These implants can last for a lifetime.  

2. Fixed dental bridges 

A fixed bridge is designed to cover the distances between one or more missing teeth. During the procedure, dental implants are fixed, and the bridge is customized. Further, this bridge is successfully fixed in place of the missing teeth. Once the bridge is fixed completely, it feels natural. Further, you can follow regular oral hygiene rituals for maintenance. 

3. Resin-retained bridges 

In many cases, a resin-retained bridge requires far less intrusion than a fixed bridge. Although permanent bridges are ideal for teeth that are used for chewing, resin-retained bridges, which usually do not withstand as much pressure, can be a good substitute for lost front teeth. Each side of a resin-retained bridge is secured to an adjacent tooth. They are generally far less expensive than fixed bridges despite the fact that they are believed to be less sturdy.

4. Removable partial denture 

Same as dental implants, removal of partial dentures is suggested to you if you have a few missing teeth. These dentures are clasped properly at the right spot, ensuring they do not move. If there are missing teeth, additional teeth are added directly to the partial denture. It is a highly effective teeth replacement option that is easy on the pocket as well.  

5. Flipper 

A flipper is a popular missing teeth replacement option that can flip inwards and outwards easily. A flipper does not have any metal clasps, nor is it supported by surrounding teeth. As compared to other options, the flipper is comparatively cheaper. Additionally, it is much lighter, which feels natural. At times, it can be highly uncomfortable as it is not a permanent teeth replacement option. 

Wrapping Up 

Having missing teeth is not a delightful experience, as it can change your smile’s appearance. Through these top 5 dental options, you can replace your missing teeth. Get in today with your dentist today for expert solutions.