5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Using Deodorant

As a part of their daily hygiene routine, people prefer to use deodorant to keep body odor away and feel fresh. After all, smelling good is just as crucial as looking good. So, as a part of your daily grooming needs, deodorants should be your wingman. 

But knowingly or unknowingly, people make many mistakes while using deodorant which does not give them the desired results. These mistakes reduce the ability of deodorants to work effectively. So, if you think that your deodorant is not doing its job correctly, here are the mistakes you need to avoid now.

Not knowing the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant

Are you using a deodorant or an antiperspirant? Understanding the difference between both before using them is crucial. Deodorants have fragrances in them and help in eradicating body odor by killing odor-causing bacteria. 

Contrary to this, an antiperspirant is a product for reducing your sweat which may or may not have fragrance in them. So, before you use a particular product, understand your needs. For example, you can use axe deo which has an instant cooling effect and enhanced odor production. 

Reapplying deodorants on dirty skin

We all have a common habit of applying deodorant throughout the day whenever the need is felt. But do you know, reapplying the deodorant spray on dirty skin makes it smell stinky? Yes, layering deodorant will never give you a fresh feeling if it sits on top of yesterday’s stench.

So, make sure you apply the product on clean and dry skin so that it adheres to the surface easily without causing any skin issues. Also, avoid using it on dirty clothes and have a great-smelling day with axe deodorant to stay fresh all day long.

Avoid applying it immediately after shaving

Be extra careful when using deodorants immediately after shaving as they contain alcohol and other chemicals which can cause irritation and sting badly. If you have sensitive skin, it can also cause burning, redness, and even skin infection.

So, it is recommended to wait for some time and then apply the deodorant. You can also try to use some talc before spraying deodorant to avoid burning and irritation. If you are a fan of Axe deodorants, follow this tip for sure.

With 99% alcohol, Axe deodorants can also leave your skin red and itching if you use it immediately after shaving. So be cautious.

Applying too little product

Sometimes, you might feel that your deodorant doesn’t seem to work. In such a case, try applying one more tad to smell good. However, it is one’s personal need to use the amount of product they want as per their requirement. 

For instance, if you have an urgent meeting to attend and want to get rid of an unexpected sweat sesh, try applying a generous amount of deodorant to your body and mask the unpleasant body odor. Axe works best as it is long-lasting and is a no-gas body spray. 

Avoiding Skin Moisturization

Your deodorant works fantastic when applied on moisturized skin. Apply any unscented body lotion to your skin and top it with your favorite deodorant. This will not only make the deodorant last long but will also protect your skin from irritation


It’s frustrating when your favorite deodorant doesn’t work the way you expected it to work. But realizing the mistakes while using deodorant can give you the best results. Using deodorants should make your life easy with no hassle, and for that, you need to avoid some common mistakes like those listed above. We hope the points discussed above enable you to achieve the best results.