4 Top Popular And Trending Beard Styles

You know you can improve the way that you can look dashing young men or impress like an old by just choosing the right beard style for your face type. It will especially look good if you don’t have a strong chin or a jawline. Popular hair artists like Barbershop Manhattan make your face’s scruff classy. 

There are many beard shapes paired with hairstyles is being on-trend. But here are the best 4 out of them that you can try for a change.

Top 4 Popular Beard Styles You Can Try Out In 2021

  • Van Dyke Beard

This beard style is a great option for men who have a patchy beard. You know when you have that patches of hair on your cheeks and you hate it. 

Well, why don’t you just cut it off and go for the Vandyke style? Some men look great with this style because it’s like they were born to wear it.

  • The Viking Beard

Surely you watch the series Vikings, Ragnor Lothbrok in Vikings caused the whole man beard trend and yes the Viking does look cool!

The Viking Beard was popular and designed to help deal with the bitterly cold weather. But now it has been in the trend. And most of the adults are visiting Barbershop Manhattan for getting such a classy beard style.

  • Stubble Beard

The Stubble beard style is in fashion where you need to maintain your growing beard hair regularly. Because you don’t want to give people the impression that you are just lazy and forgot to shave. 

To carry such a beard shape, you need to keep it trimmed. Shave off all the hair on the upper cheeks, your chin, and maybe also your sideburns. 

If you have a great jawline, this is a style that you want to try.

  • Short Beard

If you are always shaving and you are not used to having facial hair, this is the beard style that you want to go for. If you want a more rugged look, this will help you to look more manly. Just remember to keep your neck and upper cheek hair trimmed.

Now just the last tip – don’t forget your hairstyle and beard style – the two of them work together as a team to give you the perfect look. 

Do you want to go for your yeard mate? Or cute bum fluff geezer? 

If yes then look for the Barbershop Manhattan near you, to not just get a classy beard shape but also a trending hairstyle.

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