4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Ask for Employee Feedback


Running a business is no easy feat, and even if you only own a small enterprise, you will still need a team of people to help you to manage your operations effectively. While making sure that you find the best candidates to join your team is important, you do also need to consider the kind of working environment you are creating for your employees, and what other benefits they will get when they work for your business. A good way to find out how to make these improvements is by asking your staff directly for feedback, and here are some reasons why this can be so useful.

  • Their Overall Job Satisfaction

If you want to avoid a high turnover of staff, making sure that your employees are satisfied with their jobs is crucial. This will include things such as whether or not the work they are doing is challenging enough for them, and if there are plenty of growth opportunities to keep them invested in their time with your company. Whether or not the workspace is comfortable for them to use, and how they feel about the company as a whole. You can find out more about employee engagement surveys from HR companies to help you gather this information more effectively. 

  • Any Additional Perks They Would Like 

A good salary and routine can be great for staff but there is more to staying happy in a job now than that. A lot of employees would also like to see additional perks that benefit them and show them that they are appreciated for their hard work. Some employee perks can include things like dental or other healthcare contributions, financial bonuses, and employee discounts. You may also find that they would like more opportunities to work from home or have flexible working hours to fit around other commitments they have in their lives. 

  • Ideas to Improve Workflow and Productivity

Another great benefit to getting employee feedback is that it could offer you some insight into how you can improve workflow and productivity throughout your company. The models you are currently getting staff to work under might have worked well previously, but as things change, your business will also need to adapt. For the team members that are carrying out these tasks every day, listening to their thoughts about how things can be improved could benefit not only your operations but their general happiness and well-being at work, as this can help to alleviate pressure and stress for them. 

  • Your Reputation as an Employer

Finally, a great reason to ask for feedback from your employees is that this could help bolster your reputation as an employer. Not only will this information allow you to improve working conditions for your employees, but asking them for their feedback shows them that you respect their opinions and are thinking about their needs. This will improve your reputation as an employer, making your company a desirable place to work and, hopefully, increase the number of talented candidates who will apply for and accept roles within your teams. 

Make sure you are taking the time to listen to your employees and take on board what they have to say, as these insights can be a lot more beneficial than you might think.