4 Facts Drivers Should Know About Their EV & Its Charger

Going electric is more popular than ever, with almost 420,000 EVs on the road. Maybe you are still debating whether switching to an electric vehicle is the best choice for you. Nevertheless, there are a few things to learn about using an electric car and its chargers if you have decided to go from an internal combustion engine (ICE) to an electric vehicle (EV).

#1 Charging & Battery Health

Knowing the fundamentals of battery health will help you extend the life of your battery. The more energy your battery can retain, the longer it can run. Therefore, your battery will degrade with time if you do not take care of it. You will not get the same amount of range. Never leave your EV on its charger until it reaches 100% every time. Instead, charge it to roughly 80% capacity. Overcharging it can potentially harm the battery, resulting in decreased range.

#2 Effect of Environmental Factors on Range

Although electric car batteries and chargers include thermal management mechanisms to prevent them from overheating, it is still advisable to protect your battery by avoiding extreme temperature changes. Using your climate control settings will drain your battery faster if it is hot or cold outdoors. Similarly, if you have just returned from a lengthy trip, wait a few minutes before charging your car so the battery can cool down.

#3 Learn the Optimal Range of Your EV

Getting to know your EV by testing the range will be your best indicator of how far you will go. It can also help determine the optimal distance you can travel between EV charging points. The extra cargo you keep in the car will also increase the rolling resistance. It is best to never transport unnecessarily heavy items with you if you do not need them for maximum efficiency.

#4 Advance Route Planning

Planning your route around Singapore lets you determine electric car charging point options you can consider. It could be beneficial to use a journey-planning app when you are out on the road. Most apps will provide a better idea of where and when you can charge your vehicle.

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