3 Things That Dermatologists In Singapore Can Do

It is known that the skin is the largest and heaviest organ in the human body. It has many essential functions, such as protecting us from heat, germs, cold, and dangerous substances and being an indicator of your health depending on its colour and temperature. To ensure that your skin is in good condition, you should look for dermatologists in Singapore. Dermatologists handle issues regarding not only your skin but your nails and hair.

Skin conditions are where the expertise of dermatologists lies since they are the most capable of recognising symptoms of internal diseases that appear on your skin. Luckily for you, a dermatologist can pinpoint the cause of your dry skin without cutting you open. To better understand what dermatologists do, here is a list of treatments and screenings offered by them.

1. Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a term used for a group of chronic skin conditions that cause the skin to become irritated. Although this is usually found in children and infants, adults can also develop it. Some of the children who grew out of this disease would often find themselves facing it again when they grow older. Eczema treatment in Singapore usually comes in the form of various creams and moisturisers prescribed by your local dermatologist. Steroid creams are the most common treatment for this condition since they are anti-inflammatory.

2. Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Skin pigmentation is diagnosed when there is a noticeable change in the colour of your skin. This change is caused by the deposition of melanin pigment created by melanocyte cells. When melanin cells are damaged or low in health, their production is negatively affected, which then causes skin pigmentation disorders. They either affect your whole body or only particular patches of skin. Sunspots and melasma are examples of skin pigmentation disorders. Any condition caused by UV ray exposure is given sunblock as treatment, while other cases are advised to go through laser treatment for pigmentation. This procedure is safe and can also improve the look of your skin.

3. Skin Cancer And STI Screenings

Screenings are a series of tests to check whether you have a particular disease before it starts. They are often done using blood tests, physical exams, or questions asked by your doctor. Dermatologists offer the same service for skin-related problems like skin cancer. Skin cancer screening in Singapore focuses on finding birthmarks, moles, or any other marks that look unusual in size, texture, shape, and colour. Once these marks are further examined, your dermatologist can adequately tell you if what they found is a sign of skin cancer.

A dermatologist can also perform an STI screening in Singapore since symptoms of this infection are non-existent.

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