3 Tests Found In Female Health Screening Packages In Singapore


Screenings are a series of medical tests that doctors use to check if there are any health conditions or diseases before they show any symptoms or signs. These tests can determine the problem before it even begins to infiltrate your system, giving doctors an advantage to take preventive measures. If you are getting tested for something specific, your screening will be a physical exam, a blood test, or even a series of questions your doctor asks, depending on what needs to be checked. However, if you’re looking to get tested for multiple things to be sure, health screening packages in Singapore exist.

A screening package contains numerous medical tests that focus on various conditions, which helps people who desire to undergo more than one screening. Even a woman who feels healthy can never be too sure of what lies underneath, so the female health screening package helps assess anything that couldn’t be seen or felt. Here are a few tests included in these packages so you can get a grasp of what the doctors can find.

1. STD Test

Being sexually active with multiple people can cause one to be suddenly alarmed over the possibility that they may have caught a sexually transmitted disease. It’s even scarier when you discover that STDs don’t show symptoms until it’s too late. You can go through your daily life with an STD, and you wouldn’t even know it. This is why it’s essential to take an STD test in Singapore. Fortunately, female health screening packages offer this test because its lack of symptoms calls for the need to check. You may not suspect the probability of catching this disease, so it’s best to get a package that provides it to ensure.

2. IVF Test

In vitro fertilisation, also known as IVF, is a series of methods used to help women with fertility problems, prevent genetic issues, and assist in conceiving a child. During IVF in Singapore, mature eggs are taken from the ovaries, transferred to a lab, and fertilised by sperm. Once the egg is fertilised, they’re placed in a uterus to complete three weeks of an IVF cycle.

3. Cholesterol Test

Cholesterol in blood test is a means of measuring the amount of cholesterol and specific fats in your blood. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in your blood that helps keep your cells and organs in top shape. This test can help determine if you have low-density lipoprotein or high-density lipoprotein. Too much of either can cause specific health issues, making it essential to check your cholesterol levels.

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