10 Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Is Blowing Cold Air

When the snow is swirling outside and the winter winds are howling, you need your heat pump to emit warm air. If this happens in your home, you need to quickly assess your situation. Some of the causes you may be able to fix yourself; others will require you to call your technician.

Read more to find out ten reasons that your heat pump is blowing cold air.

1. Issues with the Thermostat

During the colder months, you rely on the heat pump to transfer warm energy into your home. If your heating systems are not generating warmth for you, your first step is to check your thermostat. Without the correct temperature setting, your heat pump is not receiving the signal to activate. Make sure that you are in the heat mode.

2. Power Source Concerns

After checking your thermostat setting, make sure that you have the power switch turned on. If the power has been inadvertently disengaged, flip the switch on. Now your heat pump should be receiving power.

3. Circuit Breaker Needs to Be Reset

If the power source to the heat pump was already turned on, but you still do not have power to the unit, you need to check your circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker had been tripped to the off mode, you need to push it all the way off and then push the breaker to the on position.

4. System is Frozen

Next, go outside to where your heat pump is located. Check for ice or frost on the outside of the condenser unit. If this has occurred, turn off the heat pump. Then turn on the fan to activate the defroster. It will take about ten to fifteen minutes to defrost.

5. Time Delay Relay

This component of your heat pump has a timer that ensures your system does not continually turn itself on and off throughout the night and day. An indicator that the time delay feature is not working is when your heat pump will not turn on. Check to see if it is set in timer mode.

6. Clogged Filters or Blocked Sections

Any time that parts of your heat pump become blocked with debris or clogged, your heat pump will not operate effectively or correctly. Check the filters and other parts for dirt and debris. Remove any you find.

7. Reverse Value Is not Functioning

Since heat pumps provide warm and cool air, they have reverse valves for the refrigerant. If the reverse valve breaks, the heat pump can no longer work correctly. Contact your heating repair technician for assistance.

8. Malfunctioning Starter

Another component of the heat pump that sends signals for it to operate is the starter. When the start capacitor cannot relay information to the heat pump, it will not activate.

9. Service Is Needed

If your heat pump is still blowing cold air, it is time to call your HVAC technician. They can run a diagnostic analysis on your heat pump and determine the cause(s) of its malfunction.

10. Time for a Replacement

There are lifespans for heat pumps. Depending on the age and amount of use, your heat pump may need to be replaced.